The natural charm, which is offered by beaches in Ambon is as beautiful as other beaches which have been well known in Indonesia, such as Kuta Beach in Bali. One of the amazing beaches in Ambon is Lawena Beach which has been popular since in the past.  

Lawena Beach is surrounded by beautiful white sand with green trees as its background. Meanwhile, the beach’s water is so transparent and has wealth of sea marine. Thus, it is appropriate for visitors who have hobby diving to make a visit to the beach.

Various kinds of fish and coral reefs will greet divers when they are diving at the sea. At the beach, the visitors can also enjoy coconut which grows around the beach.  

Lawena Beach is located at Hutumuri village in South Leitimur district.  Actually, distance from Ambon City to the beach is not too far. It may take one hour by motor-vehicles, because route which is accessed is mountainous and the road is neither flat nor straight. As a result, fewer tourists make a visit to this tourism object.


In a limited meeting with the agenda of delivering programs and activities in the field of politics, law and security at the State Palace in Jakarta on Thursday (31/10), President Joko Widodo requested his staff to prevent the radicalism movement. The president's request shows how serious the development of radicalism is in Indonesia today.

The eradication of radicalism and intolerance is one of the focuses of the second period of Joko Widodo's government. In fact, President Joko Widodo highlighted a discourse to change the term radicalism to "religious manipulator" as one solution to overcome such doctrine.

The radicalism movement continues to grow on a wider and more massive scale in line with the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. Indonesia must also be prepared to fortify itself from the effects of negative global influences, including the development of radicalism. It is appropriate that President Joko Widodo and the ranks under Coordinating Ministry of  Political, Legal and Security Affairs redefine and reevaluate the issue of radicalism. Thus, it is hoped that the government can better recognize the substance of the issue of radicalism.

A new government approach to change the paradigm that associates radical adherents from certain religious groups needs to be done. Coordinating Minister of Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD has emphasized that radicalism is not identical with Islam and certain religions or certain people and mass organizations.

In addition, the de-radicalization program must also be evaluated and revised so that it is in line with the paradigm changes chosen by the government.

New approaches and paradigms in dealing with radicalism should also be targeted at the root of the problem such as injustice in the economic,  political, legal, and social aspects.

The root of the problem is actually already well-recognized by the government. However, this problem cannot yet be dealt with  and resolved comprehensively. With a new paradigm and more substantive approach, the prevention and eradication of radicalism will be more effective.


The government continues to encourage increased domestic demand for palm oil through mandatory biofuels. This year, the use of biofuel is targeted to reach 20 percent (B20), and next year, it will be increased to 30 percent (B30). Vice President, Ma'ruf Amin in his opening remarks at the 15th International Palm Oil Conference (IPOC) and 2020 Price Outlook International Palm Oil Conference in Nusa Dua, Bali, Thursday (31/10) said that this year, uptake of palm oil for the program B20 is estimated to reach 6.4 million tons. Next year, it will be upgraded to B30 with an additional 3 million tons. Thus, palm oil as a biodiesel material can reduce imports of fuels. Eventually, Indonesia's trade balance is free from deficit.

Regarding the strengthening of the national palm oil export market, VP Ma'ruf Amin said that he has met Malaysian government to discuss efforts in a bid to increase the export market, especially to Europe. But he emphasized that the government continues to encourage domestic consumption of palm oil.

VP Ma'ruf Amin admitted that right now, there is indeed a decline in the price of palm oil in the world.  Indonesia is one of the countries producing large palm oil with good quality. Therefore, this market downturn must be dealt with by all existing stakeholders. He also asked the Ministry of Agriculture to accelerate the realization of the people's oil palm rejuvenation program to encourage increased productivity. The accelerated rejuvenation is expected to increase the competitiveness of Indonesian palm oil.

VP Ma'aruf Amin further stated that the national palm oil industry has contributed around Rp217 trillion to the country's foreign exchange. This becomes a foothold industry for many Indonesians. The existence of oil palm plantations in remote areas of Indonesia has significantly encouraged national development in remote and marginalized areas.

The 15th International Palm Oil Conference  themed “Palm Oil Industry: Managing Market, Enhancing Competitiveness”  was attended by more than 1000 participants from 18 countries. The conference, which was held by the Indonesian Palm Oil Association, is a gathering forum for businesspeople in the palm oil industry chain throughout the world.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Palm Oil Association, Joko Supriyono said that the government of Indonesia needs to develop sustainable national policies in the palm oil sector. The policy is to expand the absorption of foreign markets, especially developing countries. Moreover, currently, 70 percent of national palm oil production is aimed at the export market. In addition, the rejuvenation of people’s  palm oil is a priority, because it is related to efforts of increasing production.


Holiday comes closer, do you already know interesting tourism destination where you can spend your time with your family? In Yogyakarta, there is an interesting tourism destination, called 'Pentingsari village'.

Yogyakarta is a city whose many tourism objects are beautiful and amazing. There are historical, natural, and cultural until culinary tourism destinations. In addition, Yogyakarta is developing tourism village. In today’s edition, we will take you to have a closer look at Pentingsari village which is located in Sleman regency. Pentingsari tourism village can be accessed in one hour from Yogyakarta.

Pentingsari tourism village offers the original culture, nature and social as its attraction. If we see the village on map, geographically the village has a unique shape like peninsula. At the south of the village, there are Ponteng valley and Gondoran in the West; there is steep valley, Kuning River at the East; there is Valley of Pawon River and in the North, there are residential areas and Mt. Merapi view. The village has 3 main aspects: natural scenery with beautiful field, work system and empowerment of surrounding residents, and its culture.

Pentingsari tourism village is appropriate for tourists who wants to take a rest for a while from daily activities. Here, you can do many activities which make your brain relaxed. With village atmosphere which is still fresh and thick of local wisdom, this will make your body relaxed. In addition, you can also do various activities with local residents such as  plowing field, harvest, catching fish, even taking short course of Javanese dance, Karawitan, and plaiting coconut leaves. At certain time, tourists also will be invited to attend village celebration. If you come with entourage, there is also out-bound and playing ball in mud facility.

 Pentingsari tourism village has also Joglo Herbal; it is Joglo special for consultation herbal treatment where tourists can consult about herbal plants which have special efficacy. In addition, here, you can get seeds of herbal plants and also organic vegetable. So, what are you waiting for? Set your time to come to this village on your holidays along with your family or relatives.