Being directly adjacent to the west with the Indian Ocean makes Bengkulu awarded a beautiful row of beaches. Take for example; one of them is Batu Kumbang Beach which is located in Pulau Baru Village, Ipuh District, Mukomuko Regency, Bengkulu Province. The distance is 189 kilometers from Bengkulu City. You can use land transportation to this beach. Arriving at Batu Kumbang, you will be greeted by a calm atmosphere with beautiful natural scenery and fine white sand.Arriving at Batu Kumbang, you can walk along the coastline for 2 kilometers. Interestingly, along the coastline, you will find hundreds of towering sea pine trees. Occasionally at the end of the beach, you will see a small boat anchoring. At that location, it is indeed a dock for local village fishermen to anchor. You can also feel the freshness of the Batu Kumbang Beach by swimming on this beach. Besides its beautiful nature, Batu Kumbang Beach is also the location of landing four types of turtles or 'Katung' in Bengkulu language. They are green turtles (Chelonia mydas), leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea), Lekang turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea), and hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata). The four types of turtles routinely make a nest to lay their eggs. Not far from the beach, about 75 meters away, you can see a permanent building called ‘Sea Turtle House’. The building is used as a place for captive hatchlings or baby turtles. If you are lucky, you can also release turtles.


Indonesia and Ethiopia have huge potential in increasing relations and cooperation in the field of businesses based start-ups, especially those done by young entrepreneurs in both countries. As in Indonesia, nowadays the start-up business run by young people in Ethiopia is also growing rapidly. The Indonesian young entrepreneurs will cooperate with young Ethiopian entrepreneurs. It was addressed in the 1st Indonesia-Ethiopia Young Entrepreneurs Forum held by Indonesian Embassy in Addis Ababa on Tuesday (11/6). The forum with the theme ‘The Growing Trend of Start-up Businesses’ was attended by around 140 Ethiopian young entrepreneurs and speakers from Indonesia.  Indonesian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Djibouti and the African Union, Al Busyra Basnur, when officially opened the forum said that the forum aimed at encouraging economic and trade cooperation between Indonesia and Ethiopia, especially among young entrepreneurs who develop business start-ups.

The acceptance of new university students of State University in 2019, Malikussaleh University, Aceh opens not only domestic student admissions, but also international classes that can be attended by foreign students. The joint registration entrance to State Universities starts simultaneously at 10 to 24 June. Malikussaleh University has received 3,798 students for 31 study programs. Rector of Malikussaleh University, Herman Fithra said on Thursday (6/13) that from the total student admissions, there are 1,323 students for science and technology fields divided into 18 study programs. While in the social and humanities fields, Malikussaleh University receives 1,475 new students for 13 study programs.

The Indonesian and Polish Parliaments are committed to improving cooperation between the two countries through the Polish-Indonesian Bilateral Cooperation Group. It was stated by Chairman of the Bilateral Cooperation Group, Danuta Pietraszewska in a press release of the Indonesian Embassy in Poland received in Jakarta on Thursday (13/6). The commitment of increasing cooperation was conveyed by Pietraszewska when meeting Indonesian Ambassador to Poland, Siti Nugraha Mauludiah along with seven of the 16 members of the Polish parliament who were members of the Poland-Indonesia Bilateral Cooperation Group in Warsaw on Wednesday (12/6). The Indonesian Ambassador appreciated the increasing cooperation between the Polish and Indonesian parliaments over the last several years, one of which was through the exchange of parliamentary visits.


One week ago (June 7, 2019), British Prime Minister, Theresa May announced her resignation from the position of Chairwoman of the Conservative Party. That means that the position of the Prime Minister of England is automatically vacant, because the leader of the majority party or coalition of parties winning the general election occupies the position of the prime minister. Theresa May still sits as Prime Minister until the election of a Conservative Party Chairperson. May resigned because several times her efforts convinced the parliament that the UK left the European Union with an agreement not to reach the expected support.May's resignation opens opportunities for several party chairmen candidates such as Boris Johnson, and Jeremy Hunt who is currently serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs or Michael Gove who is serving as minister of the Environment. Boris Johnson is a supporter of Hard Brexit, which is to leave the European Union without a deal. Others may compromise with Brexit. This is a challenge if Boris Johnson wins. On October 31, this means that the British will leave. Whereas if the conservative leader is more inclined to agreement, the United Kingdom must renegotiate with the European Union. But that does not mean the problem has been resolved, because the European Union also seems not to open new opportunity to the agreement. Why? Because at least, Theresa May has tried to build an agreement with the EU, but instead of having no support from the British parliament. In the parliament, there are three camps. Some Conservative members support Hard Brexit. Labor supports Brexit with an agreement. There are some Conservative members supporting Brexit with an agreement. This is what caused May not to get the majority support.Now, the problem is entirely dependent on the British parliament. They will actually determine who the next British Prime Minister is. The chosen Prime Minister means Brexit with or without agreement.


Voice of Indonesia presents “Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia,” a lesson in the Indonesian language on the radio, introducing some Indonesian vocabulary and tips on how to use it in a conversation. This segment is a joint initiative of Voice of Indonesia and the Language Development and Cultivation Agency at the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.  Today’s topic is  ‘He hasn’t come home yet, right? or Dia belum pulang ya?

Next is a conversation about Dia belum pulang ya?  or  ‘He hasn’t come home yet, right? Tony and Endah are talking about work.


Joko belum pulang, ya?


Ya, dia bilang ada rapat di kantornya


Dia selalu sibuk sejak menjadi manajer.

After the conversation, now I’ll introduce some vocabularies and idioms related to the topic today. I’ll say each word slowly and twice, you can follow after me.

Mas Joko belum pulang, ya?

(2X) which means

Mas Joko hasn’t come home yet, right?

Dia bilang ada rapat di kantornya.


He said, there is a meeting at his office.







Dia selalu sibuk sejak menjadi manajer


He is always busy since being a manager.

Kamu orang Amerika, ya?


You are an American, right?

Minggu depan


Next week

Kamu bekerja di perusahaan asing, ya?


you work at foreign company, right?






To take a rest



To lecture

If you know something but you want to make sure, you can use the word Ya, at the end of the sentence. Like at the dialogue between Endah and Tony. Endah said Joko belum pulang, ya? She knows or just makes sure that Joko hasn’t come home yet. She asks Tony and makes sure about it.

Other examples :

-      Kamu orang Amerika, ya?  which means ‘you are an American, right?’

-      Kamu akan ke Indonesia minggu depan, ya? which means ‘you will go to Indonesia next week, right?’

-      Kamu bekerja di perusahaan asing, ya? which means ‘you work at foreign company, right?

The sentences are only used at the conversation.

Let’s follow to the next examples :

-      Joko belum pulang, ya? which means ‘Joko hasn’t come home yet, right?’

-      Ya. Dia bilang ada rapat di kantornya. Which means ‘Yes. He said there is a meeting at his office.’

An expression Dia bilangfor indirect sentence is usually used in informal conversation.

For eaxamples :

-      Tony bilang, dia bekerja sebagai teller di bankWhich means ‘Tony saidthat he works as a teller at the bank.’

-      Dinda bilang dia ingin jadi dosenWhich means ‘Dinda said that she wants to be a lecturer.’

Now let’s follow other examples of sentences for formal conversation:

-      Atasan saya mengatakan saya harus kuliah lagi. Which means‘My boss suggested that I have to continue my study.’

-      Dokter mengatakan bahwa saya harus istirahat. Which means ‘The doctor suggested that I must take a rest.’