Traditional market must still operate amid coronavirus or Covid-19 outbreak. Trade minister Agus Suparmanto said, in operating, the market must prioritize hygiene of the market, trader, and buyers while still implementing physical distancing in optimizing the Large Scale Social Distancing in some regions to stop Covid-19 spread.

In written statement on Sunday May 3, Minister Agus Suparmanto said, that Trade Ministry will cooperate with Home Affairs Ministry, National Disaster Mitigation Agency, and Covid-19 Mitigation Task Force in regions related to monitoring people’s market. This aims to keep the markets clean when operating.

Agus Suparmanto affirmed, this step also aims to ensure basic important goods supplies are available with stable price. Therefore, he asked the regional Government Associations of City and Regency to allow traditional markets in provinces, regencies, cities, and villages open by still obeying safety protocol.

The Minister explained, traders in traditional market decreased averagely 29 percent. The decrease also happened at traders’ turnover averagely 39 percent resulting from lacking of buyers during Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia.

Similarly, retail businesspeople had their turnover decreased by 90 percent. Besides that, there was 50 percent decrease in goods supply that resulted in decreasing ability in fulfilling many responsibilities such as paying tax, rent, electricity, gas, installment, and employee salary.

Measure to operate the people’s market was also agreed by Covid-19 Mitigation Acceleration Task Force Doni Monardo. According to Doni Monardo, Indonesia chose to implement Large Scale Social Distancing instead of lockdown, so some sectors can still operate. National Disaster Mitigation Agency will issue Circular Letter to the whole Covid-19 Mitigation Acceleration Task Force in Provinces and Regencies/Cities to operate traditional market in their region while still implementing health protocol at the markets.

Policy to still open the traditional market was also supported by House of Representative’s Commission 6. In virtual meeting with Trade Ministry, Home Affairs Ministry, National Disaster Mitigation Agency, and some related associations, Commission 6 conveyed their support to make  Indonesian traditional markets’ circulation and ecosystem can still run, so that underprivileged people’s economy can still be maintained by continuously prioritizing health protocol. Traditional market must still open and operate optimally, since the market is the distribution chain for farmers and fishermen who sell their products.


The distress that occurred simultaneously in all corners of the earth, apparently is able to move the conscience of the world leaders to join hands to fight it. The COVID 19 pandemic, which is spread throughout the world, encourages national leaders to join forces against, overcome and prevent it.

Solidarity against the COVID emerged at a meeting of leaders from around the world held by the European Union on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. Although conducted online, the distance between countries did not dampen the commitment of 40 state leaders to jointly fight COVID 19.

As revealed by   European Union President Ursula von der Leyen, who hosted the meeting, leaders of countries and governments agreed to donate funds to develop Corona vaccines and finance researches for Covid 19 patients. Donations are not only made by government leaders on behalf of the country, but also by research institutes, UN and non-profit or philanthropic organizations. Donations collected reached 8 billion US dollars or 120 trillion rupiah. France, Germany and Saudi Arabia promised aid of around 8 trillion rupiah each. Japan even promised donations of more than 12 trillion rupiah. The European Union president also noted the commitment of singer Madonna  to contribute at least 15 billion rupiah. Countries that did not participate in the meeting initiated by the European Union, were the United States and Russia. While China, the first country to be infected by Corona in December 2019, was only represented by its Ambassador.

Global Solidarity to combat this distress is the first time happened. As the world leaders said at the meeting, this was the first joint movement ever took  place.

The realization of a joint movement between government, along with international organizations, non-profit bodies, foundations, professionals, artists, industry and scientists, at least shows that globally Solidarity can be realized on the basis of awareness of overcoming problems. This can be fresh wind  amid disputes between countries, armed conflicts and hostility.

Hopefully this initiative to overcome global problems will not end with  the discovery of the Corona and Convid 19 vaccines. So that the dream of a peaceful world can be realized.


Central Java is one of provinces in Indonesia, with Semarang as its capital city. The province has many kinds of nature which can be explored. One of them is a small town in Karangasem, namely Purwodadi. Purwodadi is the main city in Grobogan regency, Central Java province which is located at alternative traffic lanes from Semarang to Surabaya, and becomes connected city and as transit place from cities in the East of Pantura such as Kudus, Jepara, Pati, Rembang and Blora to Solo or Surakarta. The small town also presents the beauty of nature which can be enjoyed, namely Ngayongan waterfall.

Ngayongan waterfall in Karangasem, Grobogan, Purwodadi is one of tourism objects, which is located at Karang Asem village, Wirosari district, Grobogan regency, Central Java province. Beautiful environment, fresh air and decorated by lush trees are favorite objects of tourists in weekdays or holidays. The waterfall has a distance 30 kilometers in the East of Purwodadi or 10 kilometers from Wirosari district.  It has very fresh water which be enjoyed by playing water in its basin.

To go to Ngayongan waterfall, you can use land transportation. After arriving at Karangasem village, you must take walk around 300 meters from highway and go down the hill to the waterfall. You do not have to be worried to get lost, because the sound of the waterfall can be heard from distance 200 meters. At the waterfall area, there is no vendor or food stall. So, you are recommended to bring your own food and beverage. To keep the waterfall area being clean and comfortable, take back your garbage and dispose it in the trash that has been provided at parking space. So, what are waiting for? Set your time for vacation along with your family in here.


President Joko Widodo says, he is optimistic that 2021 will be a momentum for economic recovery after Covid-19 pandemic struck Indonesia. Therefore, he asked regional governments to prepare scenarios for recovery of the sectors worst affected.

When opening the 2020 National Development Planning Conference   through a video conference on Thursday (30/4), President Joko Widodo asked governors, regents, mayors, and heads of the Regional Development Planning Agency to identify in detail the impact of Covid-19 in their respective regions. He also requested the regional governments to be able to carefully sort out the sectors affected by Covid-19, starting from those most affected, survived, and sectors that can actually take the opportunities that exist. According to the President, there are some sectors that suffer loss, such as Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), tourism, construction, and transportation sectors. Even so, he saw that there are also several sectors that survived and could continue to move, such as the textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical devices, food and beverage, communication services, and logistics sectors.

Meanwhile, to prevent mass layoffs, the President said, the government has prepared an economic stimulus package program to survive and prevent layoffs, such as tax incentives, credit restructuring and relaxation of raw material imports.

However, he cautioned that micro-businesses and ultra-micro businesses must also be helped. According to him, economic stimulus must reach the informal sectors, such as street vendors, snack sellers, and small shops. He also revealed that the number of business operators is very large. According to data of the National Development Planning Agency, the figure reaches 40 million with a large workforce. He added that that amid COVID-19 pandemic situation, the government has reallocated and refocused the budget into three priorities, namely health, social safety net and stimulus priorities for economic recovery.

President Joko Widodo perceived that indeed, there is no certainty that the COVID-19 pandemic will come to end in the world. However, the government continues to prepare various policy scenarios to anticipate from the mild to the most severe impacts of COVID-19 during the Covid-19 pandemic situation.