The first information is that the United States of America - Indonesia explore cooperation on Halal certificate.

The United States of America‘s Trade Department wants to explore cooperation with the Ministry of Religious Affairs n in Halal Certificate. This was stated by Deputy Assistant of the US Trade Department for Asia, Diane Farrell when visiting the Ministry of Religious Affairs recently.

Diane Farrel was received by Head of the Halal Product Security Guarantee Board, Sukoso and also his staffs. Diane wanted to make sure that the US products have been suitable with standard, in accordance with existing law when the process of halal certification has been officially conducted by the Board.   

Responding to the case, Head of the Board, Sukoso said that the Halal Product Security Guarantee Board will officially operate on October 17, 2019. He also explained that his office is preparing the steps of halal certification and technological information system which supports halal certification. Sukoso also said that his office is intensively introducing the Board to the stakeholders and arrange the plan of memorandum of Understanding -MoU with the countries which market their products in Indonesia.

The MoU with other countries is much needed, because the system and standard of halal products in certain country is different from the system and standard of halal which is used in Indonesia. Sukoso further said, that in addition to the labeling of halal, non-halal product is also required to attach non-halal label. This is aimed to protect the consumers. He views that if non-halal label is not listed on product’s package, it will make consumers confused because not all consumers understand the terms which are listed on product’s composition.

The next information is that Gadjah Mada University Vocation and Jeonju Volunteer Center of South Korea  strengthen cooperation in culture.

The Vocational School of Gadjah Mada University and Jeonju Volunteer Center of South Korea have strengthened cooperation in social and cultural field recently. The strengthening was implemented through the signature of MoU. The signing was conducted by Dean of the University, Wikan Sakarinto and Director of the Center, Park Jeong Seok at the Vocational School of Gadjah Mada University. The cooperation was initiated by Diploma-3 program of Korean language of the University which was addressed to increase volunteer’s culture.

Previously, the social organization focused on children throughout the world and the Gadjah Mada University had run cooperation in similar field. Last year, there was social action  at Patuk II Elementary School, Gunungkidul regency. For two weeks, students of Jeonju Volunteer Center’s volunteers renovated school infrastructure and taught Korean culture and language to students. Wikan Sakarinto appreciated the cooperation which was conducted by Vocational School of Gadjah Mada University and Jeonju Volunteer Center of South Korea. Wikan also hoped that the next cooperation which has been agreed by both sides, can be developed.

We end Diplomatic Corner with the news on the Indonesian embassy in Seoul holds writing competition.

The writing competition is oriented for more Indonesian students in Indonesia and South Korea. Beginning early February, the competition will be closed at the end of February. Meanwhile, the prize will be distributed in March. The Indonesian Ambassador to Korea, Umar Hadi said that based on the regulation, the winner of the competition, who lives in South Korea, will be given tour package to Bali. Meanwhile, the winner, who lives in Indonesia, is provided a visit package to South Korea.

The theme of the competition is "To Interpret special strategic partnership in Indonesian and South Korean relations".  As it is known, at the visit of South Korean president to Jakarta at the end of last year, the relations of the two countries was improved through 'Strategic Partnership' which was initiated in 2006 to become 'Special Strategic Partnership'. The competition is conducted in the frame of President Joko Widodo’s visit to South Korea which is scheduled this year.


Coastal Mapping Center and Coastal Environment Geospatial Information Agency of Indonesia will verify 46 islands in Lampung province. The verification is to confirm the islands’ data of last year. Head of Public Relations and Communication of Bureau of Protocol and Public Relations of Lampung provincial government, Heriyansyah confirmed on Sunday that the Agency will verify the islands. Heriyansyah said based on information of the Head of the Agency, Muhtadi Ganda, the verification and standardization of the name need time for 2 days. The islands which have been registered last year, are spread out in 13 islands in South Lampung regency, and 33 islands are in Tanggamus regency. In the visit to Lampung, Muhtadi Ganda also said that Indonesia has more than 17 thousand islands. Those islands must be reported to United Nationwide Conference on Standardization of Geographical Named (UNCSGN) under the United Nations.

Muhtadi also said that until 2017, the Geospatial Information Agency only reported 16.056 data names of the islands and their coordinates. The standardization for social economic, tourism and   reference administrative boundary’s development in the region must be integrated. Meanwhile, assistant I of provincial government and People’s Welfare sector, Hery Suliyanto said that the number of islands in Lampung province is as many as 132 islands. Some of them are unknown small islands. However, those islands have great natural resource potential. About the verification of the islands in Lampung, Hery also said that as national and strategic reference in decision-making of various parties, the step is also useful to avoid trade of small land to foreigners.

Gadjah Mada University expands its cooperation in Indonesia, including in the Eastern regions. In the program “Alumni Greet” in Papua cooperation with 3 regencies in West Papua, namely Sorong, Tambrauw and Raja Ampat was conducted. The event was held for 4 days from February 2 until 5, 2018 as the support of Gadjah Mada University to the alumni to promote the region. The University’s rector Panut Mulyono, said recently that the university came to greet alumni who have worked and served for Papua. The university will always give spirit and help to guard alumni to continue serving for nation and state.

The MoU of the cooperation was signed by Rector of Gadjah Mada University, Panut Mulyono, Sorong regent, Johny Kamuru, Tambrauw regent, Gabrial Asem and Raja Ampat regent, Abdul Faris Umlati. Gadjah Mada University’s, Panut Mulyono hoped the cooperation will help the university to conduct college three-teaching event, especially to 3 regencies in West Papua. He explained that the program includes education, research, and service to people.

The government through the Ministry of Marine and Fishery invited a number of State Owned Enterprises of banking to facilitate capital for fishermen who want to change their fishing tools to be more environmently friendly ones. Minister of Marine and Fishery, Susi Pudjiastuti said in press statement on Saturday, Bank Rakyat Indonesia is one of state owned banks invited by the Ministry to facilitate capital lending for fishermen to change their fishing tools. Minister Susi Pudjiastuti has observed the data, verification and validation of fishermen’s ships with environmently unfriendly fishing tools in Tegal, Central Java on Friday (2/2). Data collection was conducted to make sure that the size of the ships and fishing tools are environmently friendly in accordance with ministerial regulation on prohibition on the use of fishing tools of 'Pukat Hela' and 'Pukat Tarik'. On the occasion, Minister Susi discussed with the participants and called on them to be honest when fishing. Director General of Fishing of Marine and Fishery ministry, Sjarief Widjaja said that the purpose of the program is basically to accelerate capital facilitation, especially for micro business credit scheme and retail for fishermen. Sjarief Widjaja explained that the program is in cooperation with a number of banks and non-banking institutions like through MoU between the Ministry of Marine and Fishery and Bank Rakyat Indonesia -BRI. The program gave very interesting sheme with a variety of convenience to fishermen with interest only four percent, far below the interest of banks in general.


Anambas Island is one of leading islands belonging to Indonesia which directly faces with South China Sea. As archipelagic islands, Anambas islands have enormous tourism potential. There are more than 200 islands which belong to the regency. One of them is  Penjalin Island.

Penjalin Island is located at Palmatak sub-district, Anambas islands regency, Riau islands province. The island has smooth white sand, calm waters and the water is very clear. This island has its own uniqueness. There is a hidden small bay, and has bow shape like crescent moon as long as  2 kilometers and the beach has around 50 meters wide. At the two tips of the bay, there are various kinds of forms and sizes of natural stones which often become favorite picture of tourists.

In 2007 when Anambas was still part of Natuna regency, the waters surrounding the island has been decided as conservation area of Sea Park. No wonder, until now around the area, its habitat and naturalness are still preserved. If you like adrenalin activity, at another part of the Penjalin Island, there is small hill for trekking. The track path is quite challenging. If you are on the peak of the hill, you can witness the beauty of the island from different sides.

To go to Penjalin island, you can access from Anambas island. You can go by plane from Halim Perdana Kusuma airport and it takes around 2 and half hours to Matak airport. 

After arriving at Matak airport, the trip is continued by using speed boat. The speed boat can accommodate around 15-20 persons. On the island, there is also lodging for tourists who want to stay at night.