Air circulation in a building is an important aspect that must be considered when trying to design a building. Three students of the Department of Civil Infrastructure Engineering created an eco-friendly building designed with a concept of a termite nest that is able to provide better air circulation. According to one member of the team, Muhammad Yusril Bastian, currently, Indonesia has many environmental problems. Therefore, eco-friendly building exists to overcome these problems.

Yusril revealed that this eco-friendly building adopts the concept of a termite nest. This concept can circulate air from outside. In addition, this concept can also reduce the temperature of heat in the room. This concept was chosen so that the building feels cool without using an air conditioner. He also explained that the temperature from outside was reduced first. Afterwards, the air is channeled into the rooms in it, so the building will feel cooler. Termite nest building can reduce temperatures to ten degrees Celsius.

In terms of building materials, Yusril said that there were no specific criteria needed in the construction of this building. The building material chosen is almost the same as conventional buildings in general. He also mentioned several advantages, including being able to save electricity by 93 percent in comparison with the use of Air Conditioners (AC) and 21 percent compared to the use of fans. As for water usage, this building is able to save water usage by 100 percent compared to conventional homes. Thanks to these advantages, Yusril and his two friends won second place in the scientific writing competition at the Udayana University in Bali last February.


Lake Lut Tawar is a volcanic one which is located at 1,500 meters above sea level. It is a highland of Takengon suburb, Central Aceh regency. If you visit the lake, your eyes will be spoiled by beautiful scenery. The lake is surrounded by mountains and has fresh air. Going around the lake takes 2 hours. We ensure that you will not get bored because pine forest surrounding of the lake will give different atmosphere. Certainly, there is a fishermen activity to catch fish at the lake.

Wandering around Lake Lut Tawar takes longer time, if you stop by at some caves surrounding area, such as Loyang Peteri Pukes, Loyang Koro, Loyang Peteri Ijo, Loyang Perupi and Ular caves, Loyang Ujung Karang, and Loyang Mendale caves. All the caves have their own legends for Gayo people. Getting tired after going around the lake, you can also watch the lake from the highland, such as from Bur Gayo. From there, you can also see Takengon City and Lake Lut Tawar. The lake is an estuary of 25 rivers which flow to Krueng Peusangan in Bireuen regency. Surrounding the lake, there are many Gayo Arabic Coffee stalls. Gayo Arabic coffee is one of the best coffees in the world.  The coffee comes from plantation in Central Aceh regency. Lake Lut Tawar has also many cultural sites where human fossils that lived 7,400 years ago in the Loyang Mandale Cave were found.

Tourism activities at Lake Lut Tawar continue to grow. The local culture of Gayo people, who have high art values, supports the beauty of its nature. Now, almost every year, local government holds Lut Tawar Festival to introduce Lake Lut Tawar to the public, certainly by keeping the beauty of the lake on the highland. One way to preserve the lake which has existed since hundred years ago is by tourism development.

The local people get income from tourism activities so that they keep maintaining the lake and surrounding forest.


Indonesian Communication and Informatics Ministry stated that the regulation on International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI number validation is official since April 18 2020. It was marked by the beginning of IMEI registration into the system prepared by cellular operators. IMEI regulation was ratified by three ministries namely Communication and Informatics Ministry, Trade Ministry, and Industry Ministry.

This regulation only applies to devices purchased after April 18, while users who have actively been using their devices before it does not need to do anything. IMEI validation only applies to cellular devices such as cellphone and tablet, but not for laptops.

Indonesian government since February had decided to use whitelist to ensure that consumer buys legal devices that can connect to cellular operator service when they buy a new gadget. IMEI number on the phone will be recorded in the Equipment Identity Register (EIR) in the operators.

Data from EIR will be read by Centralized Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) that will be managed by government, to decide if the device is into the whitelist, blacklist, or even greylist.

Government is also preparing consumer service in the CEIR system for complaint on IMEI, while the management will be appointed to institution that manages CEIR. IMEI regulation can initiate a new service, namely blocking lost device so that it cannot connect to any cellular number.

Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto in Jakarta on Sunday (19/4) remined the importance for business people in trade sector to comply to the IMEI regulation. According to Minister Agus, this regulation aims to protect consumer from harmful and bad devices.

Agus Suparmanto affirmed that they will take firm action if the businesspeople in trade sector including producer, importer, distributor, agent, retailer, and electronic business people do not comply to the IMEI regulation.

For every violation, Trade Ministry will give from heavy warning to business permit revocation, while the violator must pay compensation for the consumer. Although in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic, this firm act will still be imposed to protect consumer from illegal communication product trade or products from black market.


The development of the Covid-19 pandemic in various parts of the world became a determinant of government policies in countries affected by the dangerous spread of virus. In Europe, several countries plan to stop the Lockdown policy. From Vienna, it was reported that the Austrian government would immediately loosen the lockdown next week. If it is carried out then in the European continent, Austria is the first country to reopen shopping centers and restaurants, although physical distancing between visitors would still be maintained. Apart from Austria, another country that will soon be easing the lockdown is Denmark. Meanwhile, the Italian government, after two months banning its citizens from leaving the house, is also beginning  to relax the lockdown. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said he would relax restrictions on certain parts of the country this weekend. Italy, which started the lockdown on March 9, is the country most affected by the Covid 19th pandemic. In Eastern Europe, the Government of the Czech Republic will revoke travel restrictions and allow foreigners to enter the country.

The policy to end the lockdown will also be carried out by the Iranian government. Even the lockdown in Tehran reportedly has also been revoked. Several provinces in Iran have begun to relax tight restrictions last week by allowing citizens to travel. Even so, schools and sports activities are still not permitted yet. The World Health Organization, warned the Iranian government that COVID 19 was still raging in the country. Iran is an Asian country after China, which suffered the Corona virus attack with the most death toll. Some members of Parliament and government officials have even been infected by the easily spread virus.

In the United States, the Central Government encouraged easing of rules in several states. Through his  twitter President Donald Trump gave  signals for loosening lockdowns in Michigan, and Virginia. New York,  said to be  the heart of the economy and trade of the United States, has been   pressed by  its citizens to end the lockdown. New Yorkers are urging the government to immediately revoke rules deemed to severely limit social and economic activities.

Loosening of the lock down is of course carried out with consideration of decreasing corona Covid-19  spread and the number of infected in each country. Western Europe  seriously felt the economic impact of the Corona attack and the  United States too. Though of course, on a different scale. Therefore, policy changes related to the development of the Covid-19 virus,  differ from one country to another. Iran and the United States, for example, consider ending   the lockdown because they feel the corona's adverse impact on the country's economy.

It is still uncertain when the Covid-19 pandemic will really  end. So it cannot be ensured, when the global economy and the economy of each country will gradually recover. It could be that after corona, there will be changes in economic and political order and relations between countries.