The lack of awareness among Indonesians of mental health amid the Covid-19 pandemic situation can certainly cause special problems. Therefore, three students of the Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) created Curhatin, an application for online psychology consulting services. By forming a team, they created an online psychology consultation service application.

The team leader, Bagas Juwono Priambodo said that the Indonesian people are still considered being less concerned about their mental health. Many people think that mental health consultation is not important. Even amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation, the psychological problems of the Indonesian people are increasing. Excessive worry is one reason for the emergence of mental health problems today. That is the basis of the team creating the application named “Curhatin”. It is a mobile android based application. This application is equipped with various psychological services that can help the community. The services provided are anti-stress tips, consultations with psychologists, stress healing methods, stress monitoring, and personal journal records.

The consultation services with psychologists will be carried out by sending messages, calls and video calls. People can freely choose according to their individual needs. The team also plans to coordinate with the Indonesian Mental Medicine Specialist Association. In the future, the anti-stress tips service features, stress monitoring, and several other tips will be presented in the form of videos and articles. Thanks to their great attention to the mental health of the Indonesian people through the application idea of Curhatin, Bano and team were successful in the INA IDEAthon Covid-19 competition held by the Ministry of Research and Technology / National Research and Innovation Agency (Kemenristek / BRIN). They have also been named as the 17 Best Ideas to defeat 5,590 ideas throughout Indonesia.


President Joko Widodo has prepared four special incentives for farmers and fishermen to maintain the availability of basic commodities amid the Covid-19 pandemic. President Joko Widodo, in a Limited Meeting on Incentives for Farmers and Fishermen from the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta, Thursday, May 28, said that his office saw several large program schemes that could be used to help farmers and fishermen during this pandemic. The meeting was held in the Context of Maintaining the Availability of Staples.  The first incentive was through a social safety net program for 2.7 million farmers and poor farm laborers and 1 million fishermen and fish farmers.

The social programs provided are in the form of the  family of hope program, cash social assistance, village direct cash assistance, a package of nine basic commodities, and a free electricity subsidy program. According to President Jokowi, the main objective of the program scheme is to ease the burden of household consumption costs from underprivileged families, including poor farmers and fishermen.

Other incentives are provided through credit interest subsidy programs which have also been decided and are already in operation. President Jokowi asserted, the Government has prepared a fund of 34 trillion rupiah to relax installment payments and provide credit interest subsidies, which are channeled through People's Business Credit,  Fostering Prosperous Family Economy, Ultra Micro Businesses, Pawn shops, and through other financing companies.

He added, on the other side there were delays in installments and subsidies to the beneficiaries of capital assistance carried out by several ministries.  Such as the Maritime and Fishery Business Capital Management Agency, Prospective Land Farmer Candidates, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Meanwhile, after the limited meeting with the President, Minister of Social Affairs, Juliari Batubara said that according to the President's direction, the social assistance programs for fishermen and farmers would be  in  cash. The Ministry of Social Affairs will also coordinate with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries regarding the social assistance programs.


Since the beginning of 2020, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has given a warning about the earth temperature that will continue to rise. According to WMO, high temperatures can trigger extreme weather in 2020. Based on findings in data analysis, an increase in global temperatures has dire consequences. WMO specifically refers to forest or bush  fires in Australia in 2019 that have been going on for months. Something that has never happened before. The disaster claimed lives, destroyed homes, and burned 10 million hectares of land. Scientists said, the world must increase its preparedness due to global warming.

The fact is, global warming has become a reality that must be faced. Canada's Environment Ministry said that the temperature in Montreal on Wednesday (27/5) set the highest record in history for May, due to the heat wave that hit some of the country. The temperature at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Montreal was recorded at 36.6 degrees Celsius, making the city the hottest in Canada. Meanwhile on Tuesday, May 26, New Delhi, the capital of India recorded a temperature of 47.6 degrees Celsius. Most of northern India is facing a severe heat wave. According to local officials, this will continue until the weekend. Meanwhile,  the region is currently struggling to face the rapid rise in the number of positive cases of Covid-19 and locusts that destroy crops.

Difficult situation is indeed being experienced by the global community today. In addition to the Covid-19 Pandemic that struck almost the entire world, the threat of economic recession and the real impact of global warming began to be felt in several countries. There is no other more effective way to overcome it than to work together. It requires Global commitment and awareness that the earth needs time and concerted effort to recover and be healthy. If this crisis can be overcome, then it is not impossible that the Earth will be a better place for humans.


Bagedur beach has white sand with huge waves. Various trees grow lush and shady around the beach. Its solid sand makes the beach be able to be passed by motor vehicles, so that the beach often becomes place for motorcycles’ race. If you come to the beach by motor vehicles, you can directly drive or ride your motor vehicles at the side of the beach while enjoying the waves of the South beach.

With vast expanse of sand, Bagedur beach can be used as field to play volley ball, football or other games. Visitors can swim at the beach safely because its beach is flat and without coral.  As tourism object, there are lodging facilities. In addition, around the beach, there are many food-stalls which sell various seafood dishes, such as roasted fish, roasted squid and many others.

Bagedur beach is located at Sukamanah village, Malingping district, Lebak regency, Banten. It can be accessed from Jakarta through Tangerang-Merak toll by land transportation. The distance of  Bagedur from Jakarta is around 200 kilometers by taking around 6 hours. While from Serang, the capital city of Banten is around 130 kilometers by taking 4 and half hours.