Directorate General of Pollution Control and Environmental Damage at the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry held a Technical Working Meeting on the Field of Pollution and Environmental Damage Control which has taken place in Jakarta, February 26 to March 1. The meeting aims to collaborate between the Central and Regional Governments in the field of pollution control and environmental damage. In his remarks in Jakarta on Wednesday (2/27), Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya Bakar remarked that there are three ways to solve environmental problems.

"... So theoretically solve environmental problems, the most basic we need is knowledge. We must understand knowledge about it. The second is public campaign, a public campaign that is continuously carried out and can be understood by the public. And the third is regulation; so how we manage taxes, incentives, disincentives, and how to monitor" The Minister said. 

Minister Siti Nurbaya added that this arrangement would work well if enough information is available to formulate policies and provide feedback to improve existing policies. Therefore, monitoring the Environmental Quality Index is very necessary. This technical work meeting was attended by around 300 participants from the Provincial, District / City Environmental Service throughout Indonesia, Ministries / Institutions, academics, and business people. (NK)



Indonesian Trade Minister, Enggartiasto Lukita and South Korea Trade Minister, Hyun Chong Kim met in Jakarta on February 19 to discuss the way to enhance trade and economy relations between the two countries. During the meeting the two ministers agreed to reactivate Indonesia - Korea comprehensive economic partnership agreement (IK-CEPA). When met during the Indonesia - Korea business forum in Shangrilla Hotel, Jakarta on Tuesday (Feb19), Minister Enggartiasto mentioned that the initiation is targeted to reach 30 billion US Dollar.

"Relaunch of the agreement is also continued with Bisnis Forum which bring together Indonesian and Korean entrepreneurs. Therefore the target set by the two heads of states worth 30 billion US dollar in the next three years can be achieved. We agreed that the agreement will be signed in November at the meeting of the two heads of states, meaning that it must substantially be completed before November" Minister Enggratiasto said. 

Minister Enggartiasto added that this negotiation aims to reach both countries bilateral economy target that is expected will increase bilateral trade and investment relations to the highest level// NK


Diplomatic Corner with information from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Cambodian government stated that the country was interested to learn from Indonesia about halal products, along with the increasing demand of such product in the market. Indonesian Ambassador to Cambodia Sudirman Haseng to Antaranews in Phnom Penh, Saturday (16/2) said, muslims filled 5 percent of the population in Cambodia, so that Cambodian government saw the possibility of increasing demand for halal product. According to him, Cambodia saw Indonesia as a model country with potential for knowledge transfer and cooperation in producing halal goods in the country.

Still from Cambodia.

Products from some Indonesian pharmaceutical companies had entered Cambodian market and received increasing demand. Indonesian Ambassador to Cambodia Sudirman Haseng to Antaranews in Phnom Penh, Saturday (16/2) said, demand for Indonesian pharmaceutical products especially the general medicines such as flu, cough, and fever significantly increased in Cambodian market. Cambodia is therefore a very potential market for Indonesian pharmaceutical products.

Now we move to Tehran, Iran.

Indonesian Embassy in Tehran, cooperating with Indonesian Tourism Ministry and Ternate City Government, held a national tourism promotion night themed “Wonderful Indonesia Tourism Promotion” in Tehran, Tuesday (12/2). In his remarks, Indonesian Ambassador for Iran Octavino Alimudin convey greetings for the 40th Anniversary of Iran Islamic Revolution. He added, Indonesia as a friend country, as the country with biggest Muslim population had established cooperation with Iran since long. Both countries then agreed to increase and expand cooperation, among many in tourism sector.


Ministry of Environment and Forestry along with PT Pertamina and Indonesia Power held a clean beach activity on the beach of Kejawanan, Cirebon, West Java on Friday (15/2). Together with around 1.000 participants consisting of students, government employees, the community, and the general public, Minister Siti Nurbaya cleaned the garbage along the coast. Since 2015, the Ministry has carried out this activity in several regions in Indonesia. When met during the event, Minister Siti Nurbaya said that it is better to clean the coast and turn it into gold rather than debate.

"The amount of waste is around 1.2 million tons a year. So actually, this picture is not as bad as it was stated that Indonesia is number two in the world. But instead of debating about it, we better get our beaches clean, the garbage also changes not to become garbage again but to become a resource. Now, the target of the Indonesian government is that the area must be free from rubbish but its waste must also be a resource for the economy. There has been a lot of research; there are many technologies ... just how the business by the government is facilitated by the business world and the community. For example, in a plastic recycling association or major private companies, making waste becomes electricity. " Minister said. 

Minister Siti Nurbaya further stated that the regional government has carried out local initiatives to reduce waste, especially plastic. To reduce plastic waste globally, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing will use plastic as an asphalt mixture. (NK/RHM)