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Here are the headlines of several newspapers published today, Thursday November the 1st 2018.

I’ll begin from Kompas which wrote “Search of the Plane finds its Bright Spot”

The Baruna Jaya I, a research vessel owned by the Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) along with the joint search and rescue teams on Wednesday (31/10) found a signal that was believed to befrom the Lion Air’s black box with the registration number PK-LQP which crashed in TanjungKarawang Sea, West Java, on Monday (29/10). Deputy Chairman for Natural Resource Technology Development of the Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology, HammamRiza, said that the signal from the black box was detected by a transponder device named USBL KR Baruna Jaya I owned by BPPT at 12.25. The location of the plane’s debris and black box is 15 kilometers from the Karawangsea, Karawang Regency. The black box is an important device because it stores the flight data and the communication between the pilot and the air traffic controller officer before the plane crashed. After the black box has been found, the black box’s data will be downloaded, verified, and analyzed. The result can reveal the mystery regarding the cause of the plane’s crash. Head of the National Transportation Safety Commission (KNKT), SoerjantoTjahjono said the analytical process can take 3-5 months depending on the data’s complexity.

Moving on to Media Indonesia which wrote “Investigate Lion Air’s Management”

The dismissal of Lion Air’s Technical Director, Muhammad Asif is not enough to investigate Lion Air JT610 PK-IQP route Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang in Tanjung Pakis, Karawang, West Java on Monday (29/10). Member of Commission V at the Indonesian House of Representatives from National Democratic Faction, SahatSilaban said the government should not only stop the investigation by dismissing Muhammad Asif. He affirmed that all parties in Lion Air must be investigated thoroughly because similar problem has occurred previously. He said that the government must take part and analyze the human error in the tragedy of Boeing 737 Max8 carrying 189 passengers.

We end the Headlines from Republika which wrote “NU and Muhammadiyah Maintain Unity”

A number of executive leaders of PBNU (Executive Management of the NahdlatulUlama) visited the Muhamadiyah Executive Leaders at the Muhamadiyah Central Dakwah Office in Menteng, Central Jakarta on Wednesday (31/10). The meeting produced several agreements regarding cooperation and the importance of maintaining peace in this political year. A number of PBNU officers arrived at Central Management Muhamadiyah in Menteng around 19.10 pm. The entourage was led by Chairman of the PBNU, KH. Said AgilSirajand was accompanied by Secretary General of PBNU, HelmyFaishal. In addition, Deputy Chairman of PBNU KH. MaksumMachfoedz , Chairman of PBNU Robikin , and Deputy Chairman of GP AnsorYaqutCholilQoumas attended the event.

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Indonesia successfully held ‘Our Ocean Conference 2018’ -2018 OOC which took place in Nusa Dua, Bali on 29-30 October 2018. The conference which was closed on Tuesday (10/30/2018) produces 287 commitments worth US$10.7 billion dollars to answer the challenges of ocean management. In addition, the conference also produces a MPA-protected marine area reaching 14 million square kilometers.

A number of countries expressed their commitment in saving the environment during the 2018 OOC. Micronesia, for example, is committed to realizing 100% transparency in the tuna fisheries business. The country also calls for other Pacific countries to do the same thing. President of Micronesia, Peter Christian said that his country is targeting to achieve the commitment by 2023 through a combination of electronic and manual monitoring of large-scale fishing vessels operating in its territorial waters.

The European Union –UE reiterated 50 program commitments worth 550 million Euros, which encourage marine protection, such as handling plastic waste, building a more sustainable ‘Blue Economy’ and increasing marine research and surveillance activities.

Indonesia, which hosted the 2018 OOC, also gave a surprise by delivering 23 commitments. In the implementation of the 2017 OOC in Malta, the Indonesian government only delivered 10 commitments. For this year's OOC, the value of commitments delivered by Indonesia to carry out marine protection actions reaches around US$500 million dollars.

In addition to the government's commitment, a number of global companies also expressed their commitment in saving the ocean. Multinational company, Coca-Cola also contributed to this commitment. The company launched a global commitment called ‘World Without Waste’, with a target of 50% of its product packaging using recycled materials in 2025. By 2030, the target is 100% of the packaging that can be recycled. This commitment will be carried out globally in all countries where the business entity is located, including in Indonesia.

Although, there is no formal binding agreement for them to fulfill this commitment, Vice President of Conservation International (CI) Indonesia, Ketut Sarjana Putra believes that the commitment remains important. CI Indonesia, for example, made a commitment to the OOC 2016 to realize the Blue Eternal Fund as sustainable funding for marine conservation. He also claimed that the commitment had been reached and managed by the Kehati Foundation. In the OOC 2018, CI Indonesia made another commitment named ‘Blue Hello S’. This commitment is an incentive from the fisheries industry to provide funding for conservation areas in the core conservation zone surrounded by fisheries.

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This is RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia with Diplomatic Corner, a segment which presents information about activities and progress of Indonesian diplomacy in the international world.

The first information is from Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. One of businesspeople of the Mercosur, a South American trade bloc, Rodolfo Kramer said that 26 businesspeople and prospective buyers are fascinated by the implementation of the biggest trade expo in Indonesia -the 2018 TEI. Indonesian Ambassador to Argentine, Niniek Kun Naryatie remarked during the implementation of the 2018 TEI in BSD Tangerang, Banten on Saturday (27/10) that the Indonesian Embassy in Buenos Aires is able to convince not only the Argentinian Businesspeople but also members of the Mercosur namely Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil in a bid to attend the expo. According to Ambassador Niniek Kun Nuryatie, Mercosur’s businesspeople have great interest to expand their market in Indonesia. There were various delegates attending the expo, such as those who looked for Indonesian furniture, canned-fishery products, and palm oils. Even an Argentinian football club also visited the expo. A businesswoman from San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentine involving in PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and glass material production for industry, Maria Sonia said that Indonesia has good-quality furniture products with affordable prices. Her side plans to import furniture products which can be utilized in a number of projects in the future.

The second information is from Nusa Dua, Bali. The harmful impact of plastic waste pollution that causes concern and threatens environmental conservation for future generations is the main reason to strengthen regional and global cooperation in a bid to solve sea and plastic waste pollutions. The call was remarked by Director of Cooperation of the ASEAN, Jose Tavares during the Our Ocean Conference 2018 in Nusa Dua, Bali. The meeting was an additional event held during the Our Ocean Conference that was participated in by 140 countries and leaders of the countries, ministries, senior officials, from 29th -30th of October 2018. Jose Tavares affirmed in the meeting that awareness must be intensified so that people can start realizing the importance of solving plastic waste pollution issue, particularly the one caused by plastics. He warned that there should be concrete actions to immediately alleviate sea pollution. Jose Tavares also said that as the biggest archipelagic state in the world located between two oceans, Indonesia is the meeting point of ocean’s wave carrying sea pollutants from various countries.

The last information is from Lima, Peru. The Indonesian Ambassador in Lima held a talk-show event by inviting the author of The Naked Traveler book, Trinity as the speaker on Monday (29/10). The event was held in a bid to introduce Indonesia and the Indonesian talented author to Peruvian society as well as provide them opportunity to learn from the Indonesian author. During the talk-show, Trinity gave tips and suggestions on how to become an author. In addition, participants from Peru who were university students and employees asked about the tips to have solo-travelling, the way to overcome language barriers, and the worst experiences faced by the author. In the talk-show, there was also a plan of visit Indonesia in 2019. Trinity is currently joining an Author Residency Program conducted by the National Book Committee of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in Peru. The event was also participated in by Indonesian and Peruvian people, as well as participants of the Indonesian language course.

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This is RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia with Mosaic of the Archipelago. Today, I’ll present you some information. First, OSIS (Official School Organization) of Kartini Batam 1 School develops students’ mental. Second, a number of the 2018 Youth Leadership Summit’s participants take part in coral reef planting. Lastly, West Java Government will provide an anti-corruption bus.

Principal of the Kartika Batam I Junior High School’s Students Organization, Syafruddin said that the presence of Official Students Organization (OSIS) not only develops students’ mental in managing the organization, but also fosters their mental to be leaders. It was stated by Principal Syafruddin after the inauguration of the board of OSIS in the period of 2018/2019 in Batam. He further said that in an organization, deliberation in a bid to achieve concession is the main key to be able to implement programs successfully. Deliberation among members of OSIS is required before making decision. He views that during election of the OSIS’ leader held some time ago, his side has taught students to utilize the momentum democratically. In the debate session, candidates conveyed their vision and mission in English and the election process took place similarly like the regional elections. Moreover, the inauguration was held sacredly. Before the inauguration, members of OSIS firstly demonstrated their skill in drill commands. Syafruddin hopes the new board of OSIS can work well and achieve the vision and mission which they have campaigned for in the election.  

Program Manager for Coastal Ecosystem and Small Islands at the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation, Basuki Rahmat said that a number of youths from various countries joining the 2018 Youth Leadership Summit took part in planting coral reefs at Samuh Beach, Nusa Dua, Badung Regency, Bali. The Youth Leadership Summit was one of the events held during ‘2018 Our Ocean Conference’ in Nusa Dua, Bali on Wednesday (31/10). Basuki Rahmat said in Bali that there are 65 countries sending their delegates in the meeting. On the occasion, The Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation through their partner, Divers Clean Action, participated in the event by calling for delegates of the youth summit to plant coral reefs. He also explained that previously, his side has collaborated with youth organization to participate in the coastal and small islands’ preservation program, such as the coral reefs planting held in the Thousands Islands. In the event, coral reefs were planted by using Mars Accelerated Coral Reefs Rehabilitation System. The method uses an iron structure called spider-web as the place to plant the reefs. The iron structure is used to fill the space between the natural reefs and provide substrate for the recovery of habitat as well as the increasing of natural reefs biodiversity. By using the method, fish can return to the rehabilitated area. In addition, it also gives other benefits, such as restoring ecosystem balance, controlling algae, building sustainability of fish for the future, and establishing well-preserved eco-tourism.

The West Java Government is going to provide an anti-corruption bus just like the one belongs to the Corruption Eradication Commission -KPK of the Republic of Indonesia. The bus will be used for educational purpose and prevention of Corruption, Collusion, and Nepotism in West Java. It was remarked by Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil after attending the Roadshow of KPK’s Anti-corruption buses in Bandung on Tuesday (30/10). According to Governor Ridwan Kamil, the anti-corruption bus is innovative and rich in interesting contents. Next year, his side will provide the similar bus for educational purpose and prevention of corruption for the residents of West Java. West Java has 50 million people, 27 regions, and more than 600 sub-districts. Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of KPKL, Saut Situmorang welcomed Ridwan Kamil’s plan positively. He views the bus as a mini KPK that will move to various regions in Indonesia in providing education and preventing corruption. Various applications, books regarding building integrity and making reports, anti-corruption games, and information on detecting and avoiding gratification are provided in the bus. Bandung will be the last destination from 11 regencies/cities in West and Central Javas to be visited by the anti-corruption bus.

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