Today in History, begin with June 25, 1938, the first Indonesian Language Congress is  held .

The Indonesian Language Congress was first held in Solo on 25 to 27 June 1938. Initially the Indonesian Language Congress was held to commemorate Youth Pledge Day which took place in 1928. It turned out that the event was not only commemorating the Youth Pledge but also discussing  Language development and Indonesian Literature as a whole.

Switch to June 25, 1950 the Korean war begins.

On June 25, 1950, North Korean forces took the South Korean soldiers and small US forces stationed in the country by surprise  and  quickly moved towards the capital city of Seoul. The United States responded by pushing for a resolution through the UN Security Council to call for military assistance to South Korea continues. With the issuance of UN Security Council resolution no.83, US President Harry S. Truman quickly sent the US  Army, Sea and Air Force to be involved in the Korean War as a "police action."

Ended with June 25, 2009, world musician Michael Jackson dies.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, USA, August 29, 1958. He died in Los Angeles, California, United States, June 25, 2009 due to  a heart problem at the age of 50. Michael Joseph Jackson   is well known as the King of Pop and popularized the Moonwalk dance movement that was his trademark. His  album, released in 1982, Thriller is the best-selling album in the world with sales exceeding 104 million copies worldwide.

He began his singing career at the age of five as a member of the Jackson family vocal group or commonly called The Jakcson Five before launching his first solo album “Got to be There” in 1971. He won various awards in his lifetime  including  13 Grammy Awards and “Thriller”  was recorded  as the best-selling album in the world by  Guinness Book of World Records. That was  today in history.



The ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific concept was agreed upon at the 34th ASEAN Summit Conference led by Thai Prime Minister, Y.M. General Prayut Chan-o-cha on Saturday (6/22). Superpower countries have the potential to influence peace, stability and efforts to achieve prosperity in the region. Now is the right time for ASEAN leaders to agree on "ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific" which reflects the unity and centrality of ASEAN in upholding the principles of peace, strengthening the culture of dialogue, and increasing cooperation.

As quoted from Kemlu.go, President Joko Widodo in his remarks thanked all ASEAN member countries for their valuable contributions in developing the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific concept. He viewed that the Outlook agreement will become the basis for ASEAN to develop concrete cooperation with various countries in the future. Meanwhile, other ASEAN leaders expressed high appreciation for the initiative and leadership of Indonesia in producing the Outlook.

ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific proposes 4 fields of cooperation. They are in the maritime field, connectivity, sustainable development and economics. In his speech, President Joko Widodo also emphasized that ASEAN must be strong, united and able to become a motor of peace and stability. In this connection, he appealed to the need for ASEAN to respond to the prolonged trade war between China and the United States, which has brought about widespread impact in some countries in the region. Economic cooperation with ASEAN partner countries also needs to be strengthened by encouraging the completion of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership -RCEP negotiations. To realize the economic integration in the region, ASEAN is urged to minimize non-tariff barriers so that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) may enjoy more benefit from the region's economic integrity.

During the retreat session, President Joko Widodo raised the issue of the development of the situation at Rakhine State. He perceived that ASEAN's joint commitment is needed in overcoming the issue of returning refugees to Rakhine State. In accordance with the results of the ASEAN Summit in November 2018, ASEAN has given a mandate to the AHA Center to send a Needs Assessment Team in a bid to identify areas of cooperation in Rakhine State and to facilitate the process of repatriating refugees. Through the implementation of the preliminary needs assessment, time-frames are clearly needed to follow up on these efforts. The security in Rakhine State is a key factor for the implementation of the repatriation process.




Through plenary sessions, the Constitutional Court (MK) will announce the verdict of the dispute over the results of the 2019 Presidential Elections. Previously, the hearing of the verdict would be held on Friday, June 28. However, based on the judges' meeting, the session is accelerated one day to Thursday, June 27.

Head of Public Relations and Domestic Cooperation Section of the MK, Fajar Laksono said that his side has submitted summons for litigants. They are the claimants, presidential candidate number 02 Prabowo-Sandi and then the defendant, the General Election Commission (KPU). Meanwhile, related parties are presidential candidate number 01 Jokowi-Ma'ruf, and Election Supervisory Body -Bawaslu.

The Constitutional Court has finished holding a hearing on the results of the presidential election through a trial. The trial has been held five times, with the agenda of reading the claimants' arguments, reading the arguments of the defendant and related parties, examining witnesses of the claimants, the defendant, and related parties.

At present, all Indonesian people are waiting for the announcement of the results of the trial. As it’s known, the trial process has been carried out openly. The public can also watch the entire trial via television. Based on the open trial, now constitutional judges are holding internal meetings. Therefore, there is no reason for all parties to question the results of the transparent trial process.

Two days ahead is an important waiting period to maintain peace. All parties are expected to maintain the atmosphere. Political elites should not issue provocative statements that may cause friction in the public. In addition, the disputing parties should be able to show maturity in politics.
Besides, all the public should accept, obey, and carry out whatever the verdict of the judges later.

This verdict is very important for the future of the Indonesian nation in the next five years. More importantly, various responses to the verdict will come up. The world community will witness and assess Indonesia as the third largest democratic country in the world, which is able to demonstrate its beautiful democratic life.



On June 4, 2019, a typical dance of Sikka regency namely Soka Papak was held to welcome Sikka’s regent Fransiskus Roberti Diogo and vice regent Romanus Woga in the event of welcoming Roro Windu Karsa Dwitya ship which will operate from Maumere to Surabaya. The Soka Papak dance was carried out by Doka Tawa Tana dance studio. Literally, Soka Papak dance consists of two words, namely Soka means dance and Papak means to welcome, to honor and to accompany. So, Soka Papak means the dance to welcome and to accompany honorary guests.

In the past, the Soka Papak dance was conducted to welcome and to accompany great and honor guests who visited Sikka regency. During the kingdom era, the dance was conducted when the king and queen visited the hamlet. All villagers together went down to the central hamlet to welcome the King and the Queen along with their entourage. The dance is usually performed by 10 females and one male. Because its function to guard honorable guests, the dancers carrying swords, matches and spears while dancing. When happening trouble, the  Soka Papak dancers will directly secured the King and Queen from the trouble makers. In the past, only certain people were allowed to perform the Soka Papak dance . They must have the skill in guarding and securing the King and the Queen. The Soka Papak dance is also called as a mass dance which is performed by dozens of selected people.