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Major easing of lockdown in England with pubs and restaurants opening

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From the 4th July in England the 2-metre social distancing rule should still be observed where possible. But where it's not people are advised to keep a distance of 1 metre from others, while using other forms of protection such as face masks. People in England will be able to go out and socialize in pubs and restaurants as well as staying in hotels and at campsites. Barbers and hairdressers will reopen and outdoor gyms, playgrounds, and theme parks will also be open again. In the Commons on Tuesday, PM Johnson said announcing the biggest easing of lockdown yet, he said two households in England will be able to meet indoors and stay overnight - with social distancing.

"Thanks to our progress we can now go further and safely eased the lockdown in England. At every stage caution will remain our watch word. Our principal is to trust British public to use their common sense in a full knowledge of the risk, remembering that the more we open up the more vigilant we will need to be" Prime minister said. 

Other venues reopening in England include cinemas, museums and galleries. But some places will still remain closed, including nightclubs, indoor gyms, and swimming pools. It means that thousands of businesses across England have just 11 days to get ready to open again. And there will be strict new rules in place to protect customers. The chief medical officer for England Professor Chris Whitty stressed PM Johnson's plan was not "risk-free".

"The advise to use stay at 2 metre if you can stay at 2 metres remains. And the the one metre is one metre plus mitigation which bring it into line in other areas that’s why people must take it seriously. Personally I’m not comfortable with it, this is the balance of risk it’s like many things in medicine you don’t go for the operation unless you have to, it’s a balance of risk" professor whitty said. 

The 2m social-distancing rule will be replaced with a "one-metre plus" rule, meaning people should stay at least 2m apart where possible, but otherwise should remain at least 1m apart while taking steps to reduce the risk of transmission, such as wearing face coverings. The 2m rule will remain in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Following the prime minister's announcement, health leaders called for a "rapid and forward-looking assessment" of how prepared the UK would be for a new outbreak of the virus//NK

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