Letter from Bangladesh

Dear Voice of Indonesia

Greetings from Bangladesh.
With this mail, I would like to draw you attention over World Radio Day 2018.

Radio Fair India 2018 invited me to join with them to celebrate the World Radio Day
2018 at Bhuboneswar, in India. This two days long fair given a stall for our
Bangladesh. I along with 7 other deligates from Bangladesh decide to exhibit,
promotional material we received.

Is it possible for you to contribute some of your items! May be it would be a fetch
of QSL Cards, Stickers, pins or simply sending your Greetings/comments on this issue
towards our club VOI Listeners' Club of Bangladesh.

Enclosed, I am pleased to attached my Invitation letter from the radio fair India

Eagerly waiting for your quick and positive feedback. (If you contribute something
please use the following address)


Md Ashik Eqbal Tokon

Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE)
5/14 Humayun Road, Mohammadpur
Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh

on behalf of

VOI Listeners' Club of Bagladesh
Cell: +880 1911 156 6**
Lesion Office:
Mohammadpur,  Dhaka, Bangladesh