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Saturday, 31 March 2018 17:24

Indonesian Tea is Favoured By The World's Consumers, The Government Expects Tea Export To Increase

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Trade Ministry is expecting Indonesian businesspeople to increase their tea exports, because this commodity is widely favoured by the world's consumers due to its distinctive quality and aroma. Director of Export Product Development at the Ministry of Trade, Ari Satria in his written statement said on Friday that the target of the Trade Ministry is that there is an increase on the graph of Indonesian tea export even though it moves slowly but surely.

Ari added that in the export market, Indonesia is considered to have good quality tea and a distinctive aroma favoured by the global community. He asserted that to better utilize the export market potential of Indonesian tea, entrepreneurs should be able to prepare effective management for the creation of added-value and product innovation. Based on the data of the Ministry of Trade, tea export in 2017 increased with the value worth $117.96 million dollars, or an increase of 1.04 percent compared to 2016 which amounted to $1 16.75 million dollars. (Ant-Mar/Trans by Alika)

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