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Monday, 03 May 2021 10:39

ITS Students Initiate EvoGreen Innovation to Overcome Air Pollution

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The level of air pollution in Indonesia caused by the large number of motorized vehicles is still quite high. Seeing this condition, a team of students from the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) tried to come up with an EvoGreen innovation aimed at helping reduce high air pollution. EvoGreen is a tool that functions to capture CO2 to create cleaner air. This bioreactor is created similar to an artificial habitat for algae. Algae was chosen because it has been proven to capture CO2 better than ordinary plants. In addition, algae are also more flexible in terms of maintenance.

EvoGreen works by absorbing dirty air from the environment which will then be stored in a dirty tank. Afterwards, the algae mixture and the dirty air will be pumped into a series of clear pipes so that the algae can carry out the photosynthesis process and convert CO2 into O2. So, this long process will produce oxygen which can be released back into the air. EvoGreen works not as an ordinary air purifier, but as a converter of carbon dioxide into oxygen. This tool affects not only humans, but also the environment. In addition, with further processing, the algae that have been used can also be used as biomass.

EvoGreen can absorb 10 times more efficiently than trees and can be installed in homes, so users can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. In addition, EvoGreen is also digitally integrated with smart home devices which allows users to get data in real time through the application. Based on this innovation, this team won second place in the Schneider Go Green 2021 competition in early April.

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