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To increase the promotion of Indonesian culture, particularly in the culinary sector, the Indonesian Embassy in Manila, the Philippines in collaboration with Colegio San Antonio-Bacolod City, organized 'Culinary Tourism: Modern Indonesia Cuisine' which was broadcast live on Wednesday (28/4).  Indonesian chef, Untung Taurat demonstrated how to cook chicken Opor and fried bananas. Chargé d'affaires of Ad Interim of Indonesian Embassy in Manila, Rahmanto explained that the culinary is  an important part of tourism, which is full of culture, history and the characteristics of a nation.  

He further said that culinary promotion is one of the strategies which is often used by the Indonesian Embassy in Manila to promote Indonesia in the Philippines.  Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, culinary promotion was done through the Indonesian Food Festival and participation in other food expos in the Philippines. The activities of Live cooking are considered as a good promotional alternative during the pandemic.

The activity was attended by university students of tourism and hospitality management major from Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod City virtually and it was broadcast via the Youtube channel of the Indonesian Embassy in Manila. Acting Dean of the Faculty of Accounting, Business, Education and Computers Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod City, Airyn Apale appreciated the activities.  He also explained live cooking is very useful for university students because culinary tourism is an important aspect of tourism education and Hospitality Management, particularly amid the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Chef Untung revealed that indeed, Indonesian foods have similarities with Filipino foods.  The main differences are in the ingredients and spices used in which Indonesian cuisine uses more spices. Moreover, Filipino foods have a lot of influences from the West countries, especially Spain because of historical links.

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