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Thursday, 05 August 2021 11:05

BPPT supports emerging tech start-ups, social entrepreneurs

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The Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), through the Institute of Technology Incubators (BIT), supports the growth of new technology start-ups and social entrepreneurs, which could offer solutions to community issues. "BIT is assigned to help and assist prospective entrepreneurs wishing to start their new businesses by utilizing the latest technology," Hammam Riza, Head of BPPT, said during a webinar, entitled, “Startup Development and Social Entrepreneurship,” held in Jakarta on Wednesday.

There is a technology incubation process that is one of the learning platforms for the intermediation and commercialization of technology, as mandated in Articles 32 and 33 of Law Number 11 for 2019 on National Systems of Science and Technology, he added.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, Riza stressed many major businesses are faltering, but there are opportunities for new technology businesses to grow and develop, as they have advantages in terms of innovation, flexibility and experimentation.

Doing business is not only about pursuing profits, it also about making a social impact, such as creating jobs, suppressing marginalization or inequality, tackling environmental damage, and other humanitarian duties, he added.

Social entrepreneurship plays a key role in promoting poverty reduction and achieving sustainable development goals, he further added.

One of the tenants built by BIT is Cleansheet, which empowers underprivileged students and those who cannot continue school due to economic reasons, through using technology to solve various hygiene issues, he explained.

BIT is cooperating with in launching entrepreneurial programs to improve quality of life through education and collaborations with many stakeholders, Riza said in conclusion. (Antaranews)

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