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Mosaic of the Archipelago presents information on government of Banda Aceh city holds various fun competitions. The second information is that Ki Hajar Dewantara and Dewi Sartika participate in ceremony of National Education Day in Surabaya. We end Mosaic of the Archipelago with the news on various cultures are performed to enliven National Education Day at the border of Atambua Belu.

To enliven the 813th Banda Aceh anniversary, the government of Banda Aceh city held various fun competitions on Tuesday (1/5). The participants consisted of government’s employees and families, as well as the general public. The competitions were coloring contest, stringing betel, decorating lamp, until umbrella held at city’s hall garden. Various kinds of kids’ play grounds were also provided. In his speech, Banda Aceh  Mayor, Aminullah Usman said that besides to enlivening the city’s anniversary, the event was also to strengthen bonds of friendship among government’s employees and residents. The Mayor added that his office also has held great Zikir, dalail khairat contest, football, tennis and volleyball tournament and various activities which involved the general public. On the occasion, Mayor Aminullah  including his Deputy Mayor, Zainal Arifin, and regional secretary also handed over compensation packages to children with disabilities. The commemoration of National Education Day in Surabaya was conducted with different ways. To remember the teaching of master education, Ki Hajar Dewantara, hundreds of students and teachers of Great Crystal School and Course Center wore hats with photographs of Ki Hajar Dewantara  on ceremony of education day on May 2. Besides, the students also wore hats with photographs of Dewi Sartika,  heroine of education for woman. The two heroes were selected because they became initiators of father and mother of education in Indonesia. ‎at the ceremony, Indyah, former teacher of Gunungsari elementary school had an opportunity to become ceremonial leader. On the same occasion, Indyah also received special award from Great Crystal School and Course Center as woman who has devoted herself as educator for 38 years.  The school also held a series of events, such as decorating park competition, coloring contest and Learning Media Innovation Competition for teachers. Mifta Churohman as Deputy Head of School said that the event had a theme ‘Appreciate the services of teachers and work for the education of Indonesia”. To commemorate National Education Day at the border of Atambua, Belu regency, regional government through Education and Culture Office held a number of cultural events. Head of the office, Belu, Marsianus Loe Mau said in Atambua on Wednesday (2/5) that the commemoration with cultural nuance became one of the regional government efforts to educate present generation to more understand their identities. According to Marsianus, the commemoration of National Education Day was colored with cultural events, as an important message, to disenchant and to remind all national stakeholders in a bid to get to know what actually owned as an Indonesian at the border of Belu is. He further said that all parties must not lose identity.

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