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We will present Indonesia regional song from East Kalimantan. A song "Lembuswana" tells about the symbol of Kutai Karta Negara, namely Lembuswana. Lembuswana is a lion-headed creature, crowned, elephant-headed, and winged eagle. Although only a mythical creature, people still believe in Lembuswana as a symbol of the noble leader's traits. The lyrics of the song "Burung Enggang" tell about a typical rare species  of the East Kalimantan province , the hornbill. The hornbill is beautifully hairy and moving like a dancer. Because of its beauty, many hornbills are hunted by people. When the hornbill is extinct, the people of East Kalimantan will feel miserable. Rendered in a melodious voice, the song "Dendam Kapong" tells the longing for the hometown. Kampungor  is a place of dancing, joking, and singing. The hometown is also a place to spend childhood. Even if you are wandering, your hometown should not be forgotten.

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