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Friday, 27 May 2022 13:44

UN Praises Indonesia's Steps in Handling Covid-19

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The United Nations (UN) lauds President Joko Widodo's leadership in dealing with Covid-19. This appreciation was conveyed through the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Abdulla Shahid, at the 7th Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR), in Badung Bali, last Wednesday (25/5).

The Main Expert Staff of the Indonesian Presidential Staff Office Abraham Wirotomo assessed that the UN's flattery was proof that Indonesia was on the right track in ending the Covid-19 pandemic.

"The praise from the United Nations shows that we are on the right track in ending the Covid-19 pandemic," Abraham said via his short message, Friday (27/5/2022).

According to Abraham, the success of President Joko Widodo as the holder of the highest control in handling the Covid-19 pandemic has made world countries believe that the pandemic situation is getting under control.

"It is impossible for 7,000 delegates from 185 countries to dare to come to Indonesia if they are not sure that Indonesia has succeeded in controlling Covid-19," he said.

Abraham also explained the data on the rate of transmission of Covid-19. He explained, from March 24 to May 26 2022, the rate of transmission of Covid-19 can be said to be under control. This is indicated by the stable Reproduction Rate at 1 for more than two months.

"The data do show that the pandemic situation is still under control. But we must not be complacent and hasty. Masks still need to be worn," he said.

Previously, the President of the UN General Assembly Abdulla Shahid at the 7th Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) event expressed his appreciation for President Joko Widodo's success in handling and controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.

"This is a testament to the strong commitment and efforts made by the Government of Indonesia under the leadership of His Excellency President Joko Widodo to fight Covid-19 and return the country to a recovery path," said Abdulla. (RRI)

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