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Friday, 22 July 2022 12:34

MSME actors must maintain product quality for the G20

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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are asked to prepare themselves in the form of product quality. That is if they want to go international.

Secretary General of the Indonesian MSME Association, Eddy Misero, in a discussion with Pro 3 RRI, Friday (22/7/2022), said MSME actors must be maximal in international efforts. In the sense of not being half-hearted, in order to survive in the competition.

Not only quality, Eddy also said that MSMEs must maintain quantity and competitive prices. Especially now that Indonesia is the G20 Presidency.

This was requested by Eddy so that the actors and the government could take the UMKM seriously. The seriousness in question is that business actors can be digitally literate and provide information to the government about what needs to be improved.

"If we continue to innovate in terms of products, then the quality must be improved. If we want to go international, we must improve the quality of any product," said Eddy. "Meanwhile, the government also provides support."

It is known that the G20 Indonesia 2022 Presidency must be a forum for G20 countries to voice their alignment with the development of MSMEs in each country. This step is so that MSME actors can take classes and speak on the international stage. (RRI)

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