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Thursday, 04 August 2022 14:05

Covid-19 Cases in Jakarta Increase by Hundreds

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The number of Covid-19 cases in DKI Jakarta rose to 342 people based on data on Wednesday (3/8/2022).

This brings the total number of active Covid-19 cases in Jakarta to nearly 22,455 people.

"A total of 18,659 specimens have been PCR tests," said Head of Disease Prevention and Control, Jakarta Health Service (Dinkes) Dwi Oktavia in Jakarta, Thursday (4/8/2022).

According to her, from the number of tests, 16,401 people were tested by PCR today Thursday (4/8/2022) to diagnose new cases with 2,532 positive results and 13,869 negative results.

In addition, an antigen test was also carried out on Wednesday (3/8/2022) yesterday as many as 21,899 people were tested with 1,456 positive and 20,443 negative results. Positive antigen test results in Jakarta were not included in the total positive cases because all were reconfirmed by PCR.

"From the total number of positive cases, a total of 1,298,981 people were declared cured with a cure rate of 97.2 percent, and a total of 15,412 people died with a mortality rate of 1.2 percent, while Indonesia's death rate was 2.5 percent," she said.

Dwi also said that the positivity rate in Jakarta again passed the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

"The positivity rate or percentage of positive cases in the last week in Jakarta was 16.6%, while the percentage of positive cases in total was 11.6%. WHO also sets the standard for the percentage of positive cases not more than 5%," she said.

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government urges residents to always wear masks when they are active outside the home, especially in public places.

"In addition, residents are also advised to immediately complete the Covid-19 vaccination with a booster," said Dwi. (RRI)

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