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Friday, 05 August 2022 14:50

Cambodia Fake Investment Jobs Still Offered

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The Director for the Protection of Indonesian Citizens and Indonesian Legal Entities (PWNI and BHI) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Judha Nugraha, said that based on his monitoring and the National Police, there were still a number of social media accounts offering job vacancies at online companies under the guise of investing in Cambodia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will coordinate with the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) to terminate access or take down various accounts that offer job vacancies.

"We have discussed with the National Police and will also convey it to the Ministry of Communication and Information so that these accounts can be taken down and then we can take law enforcement steps," said Judha Nugraha in a weekly press briefing, Friday (05/08/ 2022).

Judha said that the recurrence of work fraud cases that have befallen Indonesian citizens since 2021, Judha said, could be prevented by being careful with various job offers abroad that were submitted in various modes.

“Recruiters are willing to promise job offers abroad via social media with fantastic salaries. We cannot cross check the company's credibility. These job vacancies do not require high qualifications and then they leave using a tourist visit visa and not a work visa,” he explained.

As of Friday (05/08/2022), the number of Indonesian citizens who were victims of fraud by fake investment companies in Cambodia reached 129 people.

“They work in various online scam companies in various regions. However, the majority are in Sihanoukville," said Judha Nugraha.

A total of 37 of them are known to have just arrived at the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) Phnom Penh on Friday (05/08/2022) in the morning and were immediately handled with a number of procedures.

“Of course there are several processes for these new arrivals. We carry out psychological assessment and counseling for traumatized victims. Then, we also conducted a screening interview for the implications for victims of TIP. Only then will we take steps to accelerate repatriation,” he said again.

The coordination between the Indonesian and Cambodian governments has had a positive impact by accelerating access to repatriation of victims by the Cambodian Police.

In the initial stage, 12 Indonesian citizens were repatriated on Friday (05/08/2022). "Furthermore, we will repatriate other victims on Saturday and Monday," said Judha Nugraha. (RRI)

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