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Wednesday, 15 March 2023 13:19

SAR Team Continues Looking For Four Remaining Natuna Landslide Victims

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Jakarta (voinews): The joint search and rescue (SAR) team is still looking for four remaining missing people from the landslide that hit Pangkalan Village, Serasan Sub-district, Natuna District, Riau Islands Province, on March 6, 2023.

"Yesterday, we found two more victims. Thus, currently, the number of victims, who are being searched, is four people," Head of the Natuna SAR Office Abdul Rahman stated on Wednesday.

Hence, the number of victims that were found reached 50 people, out of which 49 were identified, while the identification process was pending for the one left.

"We keep digging the landslide materials at several areas that are suspected (to be the locations where the victims are buried)," Rahman, who concurrently serves as coordinator of the SAR Mission for Landslide Emergency Response in the sub-districts of Serasan and East Serasan, stated.

He remarked that the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), along with other stakeholders, would continue to make emergency response efforts until all victims were found.

He noted that the SAR mission had been assisted by the Army, Navy, Air Force, National Police Headquarters, the police's Mobile Brigade (Brimob) Corps, Riau Islands Regional Police, Natuna Resort Police, Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), as well as volunteers.

In addition, the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, Legislative members, community leaders, businessmen, and local residents had assisted in the emergency response efforts, head of the Natuna SAR Office, stated.

Furthermore, he expressed optimism that after the roads were cleared of landslide materials and reopened, several public facilities damaged by the disaster would be rebuilt immediately.

He noted that electricity supply to some villages had been cut off due to the landslide.

In addition, the delivery of logistical assistance to the isolated villages was hindered since the officers had to take a detour, Rahman revealed.

“It is expected that things will return to normal (after the reopening of the roads)," he added.

The governments of Riau Province and Natuna District have planned to relocate over 100 families living around the disaster-affected area in accordance with the recommendations from the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG).

Hence, the Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Ministry is preparing a 7.5-hectare relocation area to establish simple and healthy instant house (RISHA) units for the families. (Antaranews)

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