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Friday, 17 March 2023 09:49

Collaboration Key For Bolstering Character Education of Children: Govt

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Jakarta (voinews): The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture has said that collaboration is key for the strengthening of character education of children or students.

"Collaboration between schools, families, and the community is an essential key for instilling character values in children or students," the ministry's acting Deputy for the Coordination of Children, Women, and Youth's Quality Improvement Didik Suhardi said here on Thursday.

Efforts to strengthen character education cannot be made only in schools, he added.

"The ecosystem must be built well between schools, families, and the community," he stated.

According to Suhardi, character education must start at the level of early childhood education (PAUD) or in school and must be strengthened by family members.

"Families must strengthen the inculcation of characters that have been given at school, be it moral character, spiritual character, to performance character," he said.

Apart from families, what is also important for the inculcation of those characters is support from the community, he added.

That way, there will be a good relationship between the school, parents, and the surrounding community.

"Thus, what are called the three centers of education can run well in order to shape the character of children better," he said.

He further said that the character-building of children must start from an early age and be carried out consistently.

"Since the PAUD age, character education can be carried out by instilling the values of independence and the ability to interact; these must be taught from an early age," he added.

Suhardi said character-building is an important part of the National Mental Revolution Movement (GNRM), which is in line with Presidential Regulation Number 87 of 2017 on the strengthening of character education.

He affirmed that the government, through educational units, has continued to make various strategic efforts to support the strengthening of children’s character. (Antaranews)

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