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This is RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia with Indonesian Wonder, a program which presents information about arts, culinary, culture, and tourism. In today's edition, we will present you information about Gancik Selo Hilltop. 


Boyolali is one of the regencies in Indonesia. It shares borders with Solo and Semarang. This regency is famous for its featured milk and beef production. In addition, Boyolali has a number of attractive tourism destinations to visit. One of them is Gancik Selo Hilltop. Gancik Selo Hilltop offers the panorama of Mount Merbabu's slope and the majestic Mount Merapi. By paying only Rp 5,000, you can enjoy the spectacular panorama. Gancik Selo Hilltop is located in Dukuh Selo Nduwur, Selo Village, Selo Sub-district, Boyolali Regency, Central Java Province. It is located 36 kilometers away from the center of Boyolali Regency which takes around 1 hour. When you arrive there, you will feel the cool temperature. This is because the hill is located on a highland whose height reaches 1,850 meters above the sea level. Furthermore, the atmosphere in this object is very enchanting because of the lush trees surrounding the object. The main attraction of this object is a place called Gardu Pandang, namely a place to witness the beauty of the hill from above. Besides, from this place, you can also take a look at the rice field, local people's houses, and plantations. The view is a suitable choice for your photo/selfie background.  Gancik Selo Hilltop has a number of Gardu Pandangs which are connected with bamboo bridges to help visitors get around the object. if you would like to take photos on Gancik Hilltop, you can capture not only the surrounding panorama but also the beauty of sunrise and sunset from the hill. The wonder of sunrise from the hill is undoubtedly gorgeous. But, you must come on time to be able to see the sunrise. Besides taking photos, you can also do hiking on Gancik Selo hilltop. Gancik Selo Hilltop also offers a new hiking track in Mount Berbabu. If you want to hike from Gancik Route, you will arrive at Post 3 of the Merbabu Hiking Track via Selo Lama. Both routes are connected to Post 3 Watu Tulis.


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