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Wednesday, 13 February 2019 13:11

Iranian Revolution Anniversary

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In February 2019, the Iranian Revolution is 40 years old. Precisely on February 11, 1979, the country experienced what was called the Iranian Revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini and ended the era of Shah Reza Pahlevi government. On the anniversary day this year the Iranian people left their homes and exposed the road under the cold air, expressing their loyalty to the principles of Shi'a Islam which were the basis of the country. The expression of loyalty is a marker for every commemoration of the Iranian Revolution. It was carried out in all embassies and representatives of the country, including in Jakarta. Iran's Ambassador to Indonesia Vailollah Mahammadi, in his speech stated that the Iranian people remained loyal to the Revolutionary movement and supported the government. That is what causes the country to survive the economic sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies. In fact, according to Ambassador Mohammadi, Iran still managed to score progress. The United States is one of the countries that imposed sanctions on Iran because Tehran is accused to have developed nuclear weapons of mass destruction.The commemoration of the Iranian Revolution this year, in fact, still happened as the United States intensifies the pressure of economic sanctions. Anti-US and Israeli shoutings came from the people who went down to celebrate the historic event that had succeeded in replacing the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlevi regime. They also contained criticism against the Al Saud Government in Saudi Arabia. In Tehran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani again stated that the 1979 Revolution had saved Iran from tyranny , occupation and dependence. Rouhani also claimed that his country had succeeded in thwarting a conspiracy led by the US and Israel. The Iranian leader even vowed that his country would continue to carry out a missile program on the grounds of keeping the country from the threat of foreigners.From the commemoration of the Iranian Revolution and the overflow of people on the streets amid the cold weather, it can be seen clearly that the people remained loyal to the revolution and supported the government. The people's support was the capital of President Rouhani's government to defend against the pressure of economic sanctions. Nevertheless, the Iranian Government certainly cannot ignore the expectations of people who feel economically depressed. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the hopes of the reformists who want economic transparency and freedom among the people, as well as the cleansing of the government from corrupt practices.

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