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Friday, 11 October 2019 11:29

Ambassador of Finland: Awareness of Protecting the Environment in Indonesia Increases

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Ambassador of Finland to Indonesia Jari Sinkari Ambassador of Finland to Indonesia Jari Sinkari VOI-RITA

Finland is the first country to apply the concept of Circular Economy. The Finnish Ambassador to Indonesia Jari Sinkari in a special interview with Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta on Thursday (10/10) said the idea of ​​the Circular Economy is to increase economic growth while protecting the environment by recycling a product into new products or new energy. According to Jari Sinkari, the people, especially young people’s awareness to protect the environment is increasing.

“I've been one year here, I've seen during this one year, that there are more and more campaigning for nature and recycling. Already within one year physically I've seen the consciousness is growing, and I think that it starts with the young generations,” said the ambassador.

Furthermore, Jari Sinkari said that Indonesia has begun applying the concept of a circular economy by avoiding the use of plastic bags and recycling waste into economically valuable products. He cited the supermarkets in the city of Bogor which no longer provided plastic bags for free and the use of on-line public transportation as a way to protect the environment. (VOI / AHM / edit r)

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