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Wednesday, 20 May 2020 00:00

Learning From Others To Combat Covid-19

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Anticipation of the Covid-19 pandemic in various countries is different based on  the conditions that exist in each country. When seven European and South Asian countries loosened lockdwon rules or large-scale restrictions, several other countries adopted different policies.

Italy, Spain, Denmark, France and Belgium are among the European countries that have relaxed the lockdown rules, while Germany is still implementing them. Most businesses in Italy have been authorized by the government to operate after two months of closing. Outside the city of Madrid, the Spanish government allows citizens to gather up to ten people.

In Asia, India and Pakistan are among those that relaxed the lockdown rules. Previously, India strictly prohibited people from leaving the house.

The European government has eased lockdown rules and restrictions on community movements by taking into account a significant reduction in transmission rates and deaths due to Covid 19. In Italy, if at the end of March at least 900 people died, earlier this week within 24 hours there were only 145 deaths . The Italian government, apparently believes that business activities do not have to wait for Covid-19 to be completely over.

In China, the country from which Covid-19 originated, millions of citizens have returned to  the tourist sites post lockdown. In Hanoi, Vietman, the situation in public places, shopping centers and community gatherings looks back to normal.

What happens in countries that have  begun to loosen lockdowns or even ended large scale  restrictions is the result of prevention efforts. Government regulations are implemented and followed consistently by the community. Vietnam, for example, showed very progressive results. The  country bordering China from the beginning made strict arrangements, knowing Covid 19 was present in the neighboring country. The results are truly impressive. Vietnam, which is a leading economy in the ASEAN region, has begun to rebuild its economy.

The strict lockdown rules and restrictions on movement, along with the discipline of citizens are key to successfully overcoming Covid 19. Other countries that are still struggling to fight  the pandemic with  an impact on their economic life, must learn from countries that have apparently succeeded in dealing with  Covid-19.

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