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Saturday, 10 October 2020 00:00

Indonesia wants to be a pioneer in the development of sustainable tourism

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Indonesia sign UNWTO tourism ethics                                                                                                                                                                                                                           UNWTO

Indonesia wants to be a pioneer in developing sustainable tourism and preserving the environment, local culture, and human rights, including the economic life of people in post-COVID-19 tourism areas. This was conveyed by Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain and the representative of Indonesia at UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), Hermono. As reported by Antara London, Monday, 5/10 in connection with the signing of the UNWTO Framework Convention on Tourism Ethics (UNWTO FCTE) in Spain, Ambassador Hermono said that Indonesia was the first country to sign the UNWTO FCTE or tourism ethics framework convention. Ambassador Hermono represented the Government of Indonesia in signing the UNWTO FCTE which is an international convention to promote fair, inclusive, and transparent tourism.

He said that the signing of the convention is a significant step towards ratification of the convention, which was adopted at the 23rd UNWTO General Assembly in St Petersburg, Russia in September last year. According to Ambassador Hernowo, the convention was carried out so that world tourism development would still pay attention to the code of ethics as stipulated in the convention. He also admitted that the reason Indonesia considers that’s important for the convention to be implemented immediately because the entry into force needs a minimum of 10 countries to sign it. He emphasized that Indonesia's strong commitment is also a moral responsibility because Indonesia is actively involved in the formulation of the convention. This is one of the reasons why Indonesia took the initiative as the first country to have signed the convention with the hope that other UNWTO member countries will soon follow.

Executive of the Economic Function of the Indonesian Embassy in Madrid, Svetlana Prasasthi said that by signing the convention, Indonesia has proven its commitment to upholding the highest ethical principles in developing the Indonesian tourism sector. So far, Indonesia has also played an important role in the preparation of the convention.

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