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West Java is well known for its fascinating natural panorama and culture with Sundanese ethnic background. There are many tourism destinations offered in West Java. One of them is ‘Baros Tourism Village’ which recently received an award from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Baros Village, located in Arjasari District, Bandung Regency, West Java, is designated as one of the 75 best tourism villages in Indonesia by the Indonesian Tourism Village Award Team from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf). According to the Assessment Team, Baros Village has the most important strengths, namely people, creativity, mindset, as well as effort and cooperation and collaboration with all parties.


Baros Tourism Village has the potential for its natural beauty, ranging from the flow of the Citalugtug River whose water is very clear, the expance of beautiful rice fields, and the interesting culture and culinary delights. You can feel the peaceful rural atmosphere and enjoy the natural beauty and various entertaining cultural attractions. Not only that, various cultural attractions and traditional activities also make a visit to Baros Tourism Village even more memorable.


Baros Tourism Village is situated not far from the capital of Bandung district, nearly 16 km from Soreang. Its strategic position makes it easily accessible to tourists from various regions. To enjoy all the beauty and attraction of Baros Tourism Village, you only need to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 25,000 to enjoy the natural atmosphere and beauty of the Sundanese countryside. This affordable ticket makes it possible for all people to enjoy the beauty of this village. Baros village is open to visitors from 08.00 until 16.00 West Indonesian time.

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Balumpa Dance
We introduce you to one of the dances from Wakatobi Regency in Southeast Sulawesi, Balumpa Dance. Balumpa dance is performed by a group of female dancers accompanied by happy music. It is a dance performed to welcome distinguished guests. Besides being a dance for welcoming guests, Balumpa dance is performed at performing arts events and cultural festivals.
Balumpa Dance is performed by six female dancers. The dance moves rely on feet and hips stomping, as well as the hand swinging. Because it is a dance to welcome guests, the dancer's facial expression must look happy. Balumpa dance movements consist of four varieties: Potabhea, Poliughi, Poli-loli, and Kaukuruno Siku. In the Potabhea movement, dancers form a line pattern and start the dance with a salute. In the Poliughi movement, dancers stomp their legs and hips, followed by shaking the scarf in pairs. In the Poli-loli movement, dancers are parallel to the back, then move with the right hand swinging upwards and the left hand swinging downwards in the opposite direction while holding the scarf. Then the Kaukuruno Siku movement is like a poliughi, followed by raising both elbows to chest level and then tilting the body to the left.
Balumpa Dance performances are usually accompanied by traditional harp and vocal singers. The songs to accompany the dance are usually regional songs of joy and welcoming theme. Balumpa dancers wear Kombo clothes, which are local traditional clothes. For bottoms, they use striped skirts and scarves as complementary accessories. To adorn dancers, forehead covers, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets typical of Southeast Sulawesi are also added.
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Kadapet Watara from West Sumba

Apart from Sumba's very wonderful,  natural and cultural tourism, this beautiful island in the province of East Nusa Tenggara also has several delicious special foods and drinks which are the favorites of visitors who travel there, such as wild horse milk.  The milk has many benefits and Sumba coffee whose taste is undoubtable. Another culinary delight that you must try when visiting West Sumba is Kadapet Watara.


Kadapet Watara is a dry cake made from corn, bananas, sugar and peanuts. First, the corn, bananas and peanuts are mashed and mixed until they become a dough. Once it has become a dough, mix it with powdered sugar to add to the sweet taste of the dough. Then, the dough is shaped into a round shape. Once finished, the dough must be wrapped in dry corn leaves. Apart from being famous for its delicious and sweet taste, Kadapet Watara is also known for its unique way of making it. In fact, many tourists who come to visit try to learn how to make it from the local people.


Before the Sumba area was introduced to tourism, Kadapet Watara cake was only a home culinary dish or was made to liven up a big event, such as a traditional event or celebration. But now, the Kadapet Watara cake has become one of the mandatory souvenirs from Sumba.

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Kaligua Tea Garden Agro Tourism
When you travel to Brebes, Central Java, you have to visit the Kaligua Tea Garden Agro Tourism in Pandansari village. This tourism attraction is considered legendary, because the Kaligua tea plantation is a legacy of the Dutch colonial period, which was founded in 1832. It is Located about 75 kilometers from the city center of Brebes, Kaligua Agro Tourism. The area is managed by PT Perkebunan Nusantara IX (Persero) Central Java. The attraction is a stretch of tea plantation which covers an area of 620 hectares at an altitude of 1,500 to 2,050 meters above sea level.
By paying a ticket of Rp. 20,000 or 1,26 US dollar per person, you can also enjoy and do some activities at Kaligua Agro Tourism. Even you can walk around the 620-hectare tea plantation while enjoying the beautiful views and fresh air. One of the popular spots in Kaligua Agro Tourism is Puncak Sakub. It is the highest point in the Kaligua Agro Tourism area at an altitude of 2,050 meters above sea level. From this location, you can see the panoramic view of Mount Slamet and Mount Cermai in the morning. In the middle of a stretch of tea plantation, you can also find the Japanese Cave, an artificial cave 800 meters deep which was created during the Japanese colonial period around 1942. This cave used to function as a place to store Japanese foodstuffs and a place to formulate strategies. When exploring the Japanese Cave, you will be accompanied by a guide, because there are a number of entrances that lead to the cliff.
When you are in Kaligua Agro tourism, please don't miss enjoying the freshness of Tuk Bening water. It is a natural spring that is very fresh and clear. The water is believed to have a number of benefits, namely it can cure skin diseases and make you stay young. There is also a cheerful wooden bridge located in the Kaligua tea garden. This location is one of tourists' favorite photo spots because it offers Instagrammable views. Moreover,the wooden bridge has several branches that will take you around the tea plantation area. There are also a number of gazebos between wooden bridges as a resting place for tourists while touring the tea gardens. Being in a tea garden, you will be regretful if you miss the educational tourism activity, namely the process of making tea at a tea factory. Although it is hundreds of years old, this tea factory is still actively operating. As a matter of fact, its tea products have succeeded in penetrating the export market to the Netherlands, China and Australia. To see the tea making process at the factory, you also have to buy a separate ticket for IDR 10,000 per person.
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Sego Wiwit

Before planting rice, farmers in the Klaten area in Central Java province, always make a dish called ‘Sego Wiwit’. The area is approximately 38 kilometers from Solo city. In Javanese traditional language, Sego means rice, while Wiwit means starting. So, it can be interpreted that Sego Wiwit is a dish for farmers who are starting to plant rice.


According to local beliefs, Sego Wiwit was made to honor Dewi Sri, the Goddess of Rice, as well as a sign of gratitude for the good fortune that God has given. Sego Wiwit is made from white rice which is shaped into a cone similar to tumpeng rice. Usually, Sego Wiwit is served with several accompaniments, such as warehouse, ingkung chicken, boiled eggs, salted fish and ground soybeans. Gudangan is made from various vegetables such as spinach, bean sprouts and boiled long beans. Ingkung chicken is chicken cooked with spices such as shallots, garlic and galangal, coriander and salt, then given hot water and cooked until the spices are absorbed. When it is cooked, grill the chicken briefly until there is a charred sensation. It is usually cooked by using charcoal so that the chicken tastes even better. Meanwhile, soybeans are usually fried then pounded with garlic, lime leaves and galangal which are used as a substitute for chili sauce. Sego Wiwit is served by forming a cone first and placing it in the middle of a tray lined with banana leaves. Next, the side dishes are placed on the edge of the rice in a circle.


Nowadays, to taste Sego Wiwit, you don't have to wait for a thanksgiving before rice planting, because many Sego Wiwit sellers sell it. The menu served is still the same as the original version, the only thing that has changed is the size. For a thanksgiving ceremony, a tray of Sego Wiwit can be eaten by a group, while those sold are only for one person, and are priced at around Rp. 20,000 (1,26 US dollar).

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Moyo Island

West Nusa Tenggara province in Indonesia has many interesting and beautiful destinations to visit. Mostly, they are natural attractions, traditional villages and islands. One of the natural tourist destinations in West Nusa Tenggara and often mentioned as a hidden vacation spot for world fame figures is Moyo Island. A number of world celebrities who have vacationed on Moyo Island are Lady Diana, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and David Beckham.


Moyo Island is very fascinating with its exclusive natural beauty. This island has several leading tourism destinations, including: Mata Jitu Waterfall, Senggalo Waterfall, Tanjung Pasir Beach, and many more. There is an interesting story about Mata Jitu Waterfall on Moyo Island which is famous for its nickname "Queen Waterfall". This name emerged since Lady Diana visited this tourist destination. This waterfall is special because it has many stalactites and stalagmites that decorate the surface of the waterfall.


In fact, Moyo Island is located north of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. Administratively, Moyo Island is situated in Labuan Aji Village and Sebotok Village, Labuhan Badas District, Sumbawa Regency. Moyo Island constitutes a 350 km2 area , this island is flanked by an expanse of open sea with views of white sandy beaches and calm waters. Moyo Island is an exclusive destination for the upper class tourists.

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Batu Tumpang

West Java Province, especially Garut, is famous as a cool area with beautiful nature as well as several interesting tourism sites. One of the interesting tourism areas is Batu Tumpang. This is a large rock located on a cliff around Genteng Village, Tanjungjaya Village, Banjarwangi District, Garut Regency. Batu Tumpang is a giant rock that is synonymous with the history of the eruption of a volcano in this area. This assumption seems correct by looking at the surrounding hills. The large rock that is seen "riding" on the cliff has become an iconic stopover for drivers heading both to the city and to Pakidulan (South).

This area used to be a natural dense forest in the Garut area, while specifically the Batu Tumpang area was a type of reserve forest. This forest has deliberately not been planted with tea plantations since the Dutch era because it is an exceptional area for planting. However, due to the interests of developing community settlements, the land was opened for the purposes of planting vegetables and community plantations. So, when you stop at the Batu Tumpang location, you can enjoy the natural beauty and at the same time, see the agricultural activities of the surrounding community.

The Batu Tumpang location is on the main Cikajang route. More specifically on Jalan Cikajang, Garut. From Garut City, the distance is around 36 km and the travel time is 1.5 hours by motor vehicles. This tourism attraction is indeed suitable as a family tourism destination on  weekends. Moreover, there are many tourism attractions that you can enjoy. There are green expanses of tea plantations, vegetable gardens, blowing mist and cool air are a "magnet" not only for visiting drivers, but also for the local community, especially young people, to enjoy the view. Apart from Batu Tumpang, in Tanjungjaya Village, other interesting tourism attractions that can be visited include the DI/TII cave, Ebod cave, Curug Ngebul, rock climbing area, and camping ground. 

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Sego Tempong

Banyuwangi, East Java has a variety of delicious local culinary delights. One of them is Nasi Tempong or also known as Sego Tempong. The Nasi Tempong menu consists of rice, boiled vegetables and various side dishes. Boiled vegetables include spinach, kenikir, genjer, cabbage, long beans, mustard greens, lettuce, cassava leaves and basil leaves. The choice of side dishes can be chicken, empal fried meat dish, offal, fried tempeh, fried tofu, various seafood and eggs. Rice with a variety of boiled vegetables and side dishes is enjoyed with raw chili sauce.


The specialty of this local culinary dish is its unique chili sauce, because it is specially formulated and uses special ingredients, namely Ranti tomatoes. Ranti tomatoes are a type of tomato that has a bumpy surface with more seeds than normal tomatoes. When these tomatoes are used, the tomato seeds are usually cleaned, only the skin and flesh are used.

The skin and flesh of the Ranti tomatoes are then mashed with cayenne pepper, salt, sugar and shrimp paste. Then add lime juice. This raw chili sauce tastes very spicy. The spicy taste is immediately felt when the chili sauce hits the tongue. The fresh taste of Ranti chilies and tomatoes is also felt. Because it is so spicy, people who enjoy this chili sauce with rice, vegetables and side dishes feel like they have been slapped. For this reason, the name of this local culinary dish is Nasi Tempong. In the language of the Osing tribe, a native tribe of Banyuwangi, tempong means slap.

Initially, Sego Tempong was a provision brought by the people of Banyuwangi to the rice fields. Nasi Tempong is also often served as a culinary dish at recitation and thanksgiving events. Finding this food is not difficult, because almost all food stalls in Banyuwangi provide Sego Tempong. This culinary delight is sold from morning to evening. The price is around Rp. 10,000 per portion. However, if there are other additional side dishes such as tofu, tempeh, fried catfish, chicken, duck, squid, fish and others, there will be additional prices starting from IDR 5,000 to IDR 45,000.

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Apparalang Cliff, South Sulawesi

South Sulawesi offers a variety of interesting destinations, especially marine tourism. If you want to enjoy marine destinations in South Sulawesi, Bulukumba is one of the areas that has attractive marine tourism destinations. One of them is Apparalang Cliff, which is located in Ara village, Bontobahari district, Bulukumba regency, South Sulawesi province.

Getting to Apparalang is very easy, because there are many road signs. From Makassar, you have to go to Bulukumba Regency with a travel time of approximately 4 hours. After entering Bulukumba Regency, you must follow the Bulukumba-Bira axis road. This main road is quite long with beautiful views. After traveling approximately 45 minutes, you will find a sign to Apparalang on the left side of the road. Turn left and follow the road signs. The road will get narrower. Entering the Apparalang area, forests and big trees will welcome you.

In general, when you hear the term marine tourism destination, you will imagine a beach with a stretch of sand. At Appalarang Cliffs, you will not find the beauty of white sand. There are only rows of steep cliffs and crashing waves. This combination actually makes it look even more exotic. Cliff jumping is a favorite activity for tourists, apart from snorkeling of course. Apparalang has beautiful coral cliffs that surround it. The sea water is clear with shades of turquoise green so anyone can see to the bottom.

From the top of the cliff you can enjoy the sea breeze which can refresh your body after a long journey. Still from the top of the cliff, you can immortalize the beautiful views of Apparalang. To descend the cliff, stairs are available for visitors. Under the cliff a platform has been built for resting. On this platform there is also a board that visitors use to make a beautiful jump into the sea. If the waves around Apparalang are calm, you can snorkel at this beach. The management provides snorkeling facilities. This area is also equipped with toilets and parking. Unfortunately, there are no restaurants in this area, so you have to bring your own food.

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Kejei Dance from Bengkulu

Rejang Tribe is one of the tribes that lives in Bengkulu Province. The majority of the tribe lives in several regencies, such as Lebong, Rejang Lebong and Kepahiang regencies, especially in the central, northern and inland areas around Bukit Barisan. The Rejang tribe has a distinctive dance that is performed every time a traditional ceremony takes place. The dance is called ‘Kejei Dance’.



The Kejei Dance is performed during the biggest ceremony in the Rejang Tribe, namely the Kejei Ceremony. This ceremony is called the biggest ceremony because those who hold this ceremony are people who can afford to slaughter several buffaloes, goats or cows as a condition for carrying out the Kejei Ceremony. The Kejei dance is performed by young people in village centers at night. This dance is a means of introduction between single men and Rejang tribe girls. The specialty of this dance is that the musical instruments that accompany this dance are made of bamboo, such as kolintang and flute.


The Kejei dance was first performed at the wedding of Princess Senggang and Biku Bermano. This dance is believed to have existed before the arrival of the monks from Majapahit. Since the monks arrived, the musical instruments were replaced with metal instruments, as are used today. The Kejei ceremony is carried out over a long period; it can be up to 3 days, 15 days, 3 months or even 9 months in a row. This dance is a sacred one which the community believes to contain mystical values. So, it is only performed by the Rejang community to welcome monks, marriages and clan customs.

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