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The Maluku region is blessed with a row of exotic beaches. The beaches in the Maluku area do offer a beauty that is so enchanting for visitors, to present a different feel from beaches in other areas. One of the beaches that has extraordinary appeal for tourists is Batu Lubang Beach.

This beach is called Batu Lubang or Hole Rock, because on this beach visitors can find a rock with a big hole in it. The ship-shaped hill has a hole measuring approximately 2.5 meters and a width of 3 meters. That is why this beach is named Batu Lubang or Hole Rock or sometimes, Batu Kapal or Ship Rock. This hole is located between coral cliffs that protrude into the beach. Through the hole, sea water enters, so in this area the water is so calm that you can even say without waves. Visitors can play in the water as they please comfortably

There is something that makes Batu Lubang beach different from other beaches. In general, the shoreline is decorated with white sand, but at Batu Lubang beach along the coast you will find natural stone with an oval shape, flat and gray in color. This beach is even more interesting, because the natural stones that fill the shoreline seem to be deliberately arranged like an artificial garden. Interestingly, the rocks are neatly arranged naturally without human intervention. The oval stones are comfortable to step on, so you don't have to worry if you want to walk around the beach without using footwear.

Batu Lubang Beach which is nicknamed Heaven in Ambon Bay does have an incomparable beauty. The sea water is very clear, clean bluish color without thrash, like clear glass. The calm currents make visitors still able to see with naked eyes, a collection of colorful small fish playing above the coral field. You don’t need to dive to the bottom of the sea first to see the underwater scenery.

To visit Batu Lubang Beach, from Pattimura Airport, you only need approximately 10 minutes. The road access is easy and good enough so that it can be passed by various kinds of vehicles. Meanwhile, from Ambon city, it takes about 50 minutes. This beach does not have operating hours, because this is a natural tourist destination. On this beach, besides being able to surround the Perforated Rock cliff, you can also test your adrenaline by jumping from the top of the cliff. The thing to remember, because the size of the cliff is quite high, you have to be careful.



Pemalang regency belongs to Central Java Province. The capital city of Pemalang regency is Pemalang. It has one of the tourism destinations namely Bengkawah waterfall which has become one of the unique tourism destinations until now. It is widely visited because of its instagrammable spot. Bengkawah waterfall has a water source which comes from the Kluweh river. The location of the Bengkawah waterfall is precisely located on Sikasur Simpur road, in Sikasur village, Randudongkal district, Pemalang Regency, Central Java.

The expanse of forest which surrounds the Bengkawah waterfall is a very exotic natural scenery. It makes the location of the Bengkawah waterfall highly recommended to visit, particularly for lovers of natural tourism. When you are here, you will also find a lot of animals, such as monkeys going in and out. The water in the Bengkawah waterfall is famous for its clarity and has never experienced a period of drought; the river water continuously flows through the rocks and flows into a natural pool at the bottom of the Bengkawah waterfall which has depth around 3 meters.

Bengkawah waterfall is also often said as the Twin waterfall, because there are two streams of water separated by rocks. The waterfall is about 20 meters high. Despite the freshness of the water being very tempting, visitors are recommended not to swim at the location since the water flow is quite heavy and dangerous. Therefore, most visitors enjoy the atmosphere by only playing in the water on the edge of the pond and also enjoying the view by taking photos. Even, many visitors may camp around the waterfall.

To visit the tourism location of Bengkawah Waterfall, you can use a private vehicle or public transportation. For you who take public transportation, such as buses and other vehicles, you can stop at Randudongkal District and afterwards, please continue by using a taxi motorbike.  You don't need to worry to have a vacation here because the manager of the waterfall has provided quite complete facilities, such as food courts, rest area and other facilities. 



Tumbak Village is located in Posumaen sub-district, Southeast Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi. To reach Tumbak village, from Manado City, visitors may take about 3 hours by motor vehicles. Tumbak itself is an acronym for Tumbuhan Bakau or in English means mangrove plant which covers an area of 1 hectare and dominates most of the Tumbak village area. From this village, they can continue the journey to Tumbak island by boat. Boat rental services are often found at the Tumbak Village pier. In this traditional village, most of the people work as fishermen and provide boat rental services for visitors. The location of Tumbak Island is not too far from the pier, they only need about 10 minutes by using a fishing motor boat to arrive at Tumbak Island.

Tumbak Island is uninhabited. Although small in size, Tumbak Island offers a variety of marine tourism activities because of its natural beauty. Enriched with many snorkeling spots, Tumbak Island is one of the islands in Indonesia that offers a complete marine tourism package. In addition to snorkeling, on Tumbak island, visitors can also fish and dive. In addition, Tumbak Island also has hills and savanna that have not been touched by humans. Tumbak Island is an appropriate area for those who crave a quiet place in the middle of the island.

If one wants to explore the beauty of Tumbak Island, they must prepare for at least 2 days. In addition to the underwater beauty that offers views of various types of fish, one;s eyes will also be spoiled with beautiful and colorful coral expanses.



Besides being famous for its artistic crafts, Gianyar Regency in Bali is also famous for its natural beauty such as Purnama Beach. It is located close to the main road of Prof Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra By Pass, precisely in Banjar Lupang Telabah, Sukawati Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency. From downtown Gianyar the distance to Purnama Beach is approximately 11 Km, from Ngurah Rai Airport it takes approximately 50 minutes, while from downtown Denpasar it is approximately 35 minutes.

Purnama Beach has black sand that sparkles like gems, especially when exposed to sunlight. Almost all the beaches have ocean currents and big waves. So it is advisable not to bathe in the beach area. However, if you insist on doing it, you have to be extra careful. In fact, you can still enjoy the beauty of this exotic beach without having to bathe in the beach area.

True to its name, during the full moon this beach is very crowded with tourists, Purnama means full moon. Hence the name, Purnama Beach. Usually, people will come in late afternoon, because at that time the beauty of the moon will look perfect. Indeed, it’s so amazingly breath taking that it is very difficult to describe, especially when the moon appears slowly from above sea level. In the morning, you will also be hypnotized by the beauty of the sunrise rising from the sea surface. By the way, in addition to being a tourist attraction, Purnama beach is also often used as a place for religious ceremonies by local residents.

When you’re traveling to Purnama Beach, many activities can be done while enjoying the calm beach atmosphere. Such as sunbathing, playing on the sand because Purnama beach has a large and sandy area. You can also do some surfing because this beach has big enough waves and fishing activities. In addition to sunbathing, visitors can also bury their body while enjoying the warm sand of the beach which is said to cure a number of diseases.

To go to Purnama Beach, visitors can take private vehicles, and also use public transportation. If you use public transportation, you can stop at the Sukawati bus terminal, after that continue by using a motorcycle taxi or private vehicle to the Purnama Beach tourist location.


Marumasa Beach

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South Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s provinces which has many beautiful beaches. They are so famous. One of the beaches whose natural beauty is very attractive for both domestic and foreign tourists is Marumasa Beach. 

Marumasa Beach is an interesting place to explore, particularly for nature lovers. The beauty of Marumasa Beach is not less wonderful than other beaches that have been already popular. The beach has a white coastline and clear and calm sea water which is unique for this one tourism destination. Besides, there are two exotic cliffs to enjoy the sunrise. Thus, for trekking lovers, you are able to climb the cliffs in the morning by having extra to see the sunrise when you reach the top.

Marumasa Beach has a fantastic spot for tourists who like to look for photos with amazing views. Tourist favorite spots in this place are rocks, swings or viewing posts. Moreover, the manager of the beach also provides a hammock in this beach area for tourists who want to sit or rest for a while and enjoy the cool beach breeze and wonderful views.

Administratively, Marumasa Beach is located in Darubiah, Bonto Bahari, Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi. It takes 4.5 hours by motor vehicle from Makassar City. Because the location is quite hidden, tourists should use private vehicles. In addition, the road to the location is quite bad because it has not been paved. Usually, some tourists who visit the beach prefer renting a car plus driver from Bulukumba in order to anticipate if they get lost on the road due to the wrong direction.



Since July, the government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta has revived the tradition of Tuesday Wagen in the Malioboro area after two years of vacuum due to Covid-19 pandemic. Tuesday Wagen has been held since 2017. The tradition, which is held every 35-day market day, is considered a holiday for traders and shops in Malioboro by conducting various activities, such as working together to clean the area, and to perform arts along Malioboro street from afternoon until night. Besides, according to the Secretary of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Kadarmanta Baskara Aji, the Tuesday Wagen is a part of preserving tradition as well as an arena for the development of cultural arts, which has provided lots of benefits.

The Tuesday Wagen was held on July 12, 2022 and it will be adjusted to the Javanese calendar with a calculation of 35 days. The difference is that Tuesday Wagen’s activities are no longer the same as before the Covid-19 pandemic. In the past, in one day there could be ten stage points along Malioboro to exhibit various artistic attractions. Now, holding Tuesday Wagen with the priority of health protocols is only at one point. This is to prevent Covid-19 cases from rising. This activity is centered in the March 1 Oemoem Serangan Monument area which is around the Kilometer Zero Point area - Fort Vredeburg Museum.

Many traditional and contemporary art-culture performances entertain tourists who pass by in the shopping center area in Yogyakarta from 15.30 WIB local time until the evening. Because it is also a testing ground for Malioboro semi-pedestrians, and motorcycle access along the area is temporarily closed from 18.00 to 21.00 WIB. Head of the DIY Culture Office, Dian Lakshmi Pratiwi, explained that various activities presented to visitors during the "Tuesday Wagen" activity in Malioboro are art performances. In addition, there are eco-printing batik workshops, Javanese script workshops, and traditional fashion carnivals. For "Tuesday Wagen" activities in the following months, Dian opens opportunities for people who would like to present art and cultural performances in Malioboro. They will be first selected by a curation team prepared by the Regional Government Special Region of Yogyakarta along with the Yogyakarta City Government.



A few days ago, all Muslims in the world celebrated Eid al-Adha. On this holiday, some Muslims slaughter animals, such as cows, goats or buffaloes as ssacrificial ones every year. Unlike Muslims in general, people in Kenagarian Bawan, Ampek Nagari District, Agam Regency, West Sumatra Province also slaughter sacrificial animals during Eid al-Adha. Uniquely before being cut, the sacrificial animals usually will be decorated. This tradition develops and becomes hereditary and if it is not implemented, the local people of Kenagarian Bawan consider their worship less perfect.

In the process of slaughtering, the person who sacrifices must provide tools to decorate the sacrificial animals. The tools are glass, combs, perfume and many others. If this is not done, the slaughtering process cannot be carried out. The local community wants the animals to be sacrificed not only in terms of health but also appearance. After being declared eligible, the animal will be decorated like a normal human being by using powder, perfume, comb, shroud and many others.

Powder used for animals may be in any form and brand. The goal is that the animals to be slaughtered may look better in the afterlife and as a vehicle for those who make sacrifices. A comb is used to comb the hair on the head of the sacrificial animals. Perfume is given to give a fragrant aroma. Lipstick is given if the sacrificial animal is female.

The shroud is a white cloth, which is used to cover the sacrificial animals before they are slaughtered and to wrap the animal's nails after being slaughtered and buried. The sarong/long cloth is intended as an alms material that will be given to scholars for slaughtering animals. Each cloth provided is based on the gender of the person who sacrifices. If the sacrifice is a man, he will provide a sarong and if the sacrifice is a woman, a long cloth is provided.

After being decorated, the sacrificial animals will be given food, such as yellow rice (silamak), black sticky rice, pinyaram and so on. Tools and materials as well as food provided by the persons who sacrifice are all given to the animals with the aim of feeling happy and unafraid when being slaughtered.



Olele Marine Park, is located in Olele Village, Kabila Bone District, Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo. The distance from Gorontalo city center to this tourist spot is about 20 Km. It can be reached by car or motorcycle by passing winding roads on the edge of the hill. On the way you will comb the winding road, crossing residential areas with contrasting views. On the one hand you will be amazed by the steep cliffs adorned with green trees, and on the other you will admire the endless expanse of blue green sea.

Olele Beach is the gateway to Olele Marine Park with a very beautiful marine nature. World divers have proven that some of the marine biota found in the Olele Marine Park are not found in other waters in the world. The Olele Marine Park has a lot of beauty, including Goa Jin with ornamental fish, marine life, healthy, dense and beautiful coral reefs, giant sponges and also several types of fish that are rare and only found in the waters of Tomini Bay. The Olele Marine Park, which has become a tourist icon in Gorontalo Province, is located on the south coast. If you visit Gorontalo, it's not complete if you don't visit this location. Because of its fame, Olele beach is also known as the Prima donna of South Beach.

If you love diving, you can go to Jinn Cave, Traffic Circle, Honeycomb, and Muck Dive. The most frequently visited and a favorite dive spot for visitors is at Jinn Cave. You need to know, in this marine park there are endemic coral sponges that cannot be found in any waters. Its existence is sought after by divers from abroad. Its uniqueness is in the coral motif which resembles a painting by the famous artist from Spain, Salvador Dali. The next spot is Coral Pole (coral pillar), Beehive (beehive-shaped sponge), and Traffic Jam. The underwater beauty in the latter area is truly amazing, divers who see it will be stunned and stop to enjoy it longer, so it is likened to a "congestion" or traffic jam there.

For those who like underwater photography, there are lots of spots that can be captured by their beauty. Different and charming coral reefs and colorful small fish that go back and forth around the coral reefs, are underwater conditions that will be found which of course must be captured. Olele Marine Park does have different coral reefs, such as wall models and wasp nests. If you are not a diver, you don't need to worry, because the original wooden boats with glass floor made by local people are ready to take tourists on tours across the waters to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs, fish and other biota from the boat.



For noodle lovers, your culinary tour has not been perfect, before you try Cirebon City's mainstay noodle, namely ‘Mie Koclok’. Mie Koclok consists of yellow noodles mixed with bean sprouts, cabbage, chicken pieces and egg slices. Then, on the topping, it is doused with a sauce made of coconut milk and added with cornstarch.

The uniqueness of Mie Koclok is in its very thick and white sauce, because it is made from coconut milk. According to the story, the name Mie Koclok stands for “Mie Khasnya Cirebon which is better” because noodles with thick and white sauce are indeed the hallmark of Mie from Cirebon, West Java. Especially when it's enjoyed after raining,the  savory gravy because of the spices and spice is guaranteed to make you easily addicted to its deliciousness.

For you who haven't had time to go to Cirebon City for a culinary tour, you can also make your own at home, because the ingredients are easy to get, such as, ready-to-use yellow noodles, sliced cabbage, bean sprouts, boiled chicken eggs, shredded chicken, chopped green onions. thinly sliced, sliced celery, lime, sweet soy sauce and fried onions. While the spices that are mashed are only shallots, garlic, ebi and cooking oil. The sauce is also not too complicated because it only consists of chicken stock, thick coconut milk, cornstarch, salt and pepper. To serve it, bring the water to a boil, put the noodles, cabbage, bean sprouts in a colander, and put them in boiling water until the vegetables are slightly wilted. Then place it in a bowl, flush with thick gravy, sprinkle with shredded chicken, egg slices, sliced scallions, sliced celery and fried onions. Add lime juice, sweet soy sauce and chili sauce. Mie Koclok is ready to be served.



Tourism village of Widosari is located in the northern Menoreh hills with an altitude of more or less 900 meters above sea level and a distance of 36 kilometers or it can be reached 1 hour 15 minutes from Yogyakarta City. According to the Head of the Yogyakarta Special Region Tourism Office, Singgih Rahardjo, Widosari is a tourism village in the Menoreh hills which has lots of unique cultures as well as beautiful landscapes. Singgih conveyed the rich cultural traditions which still exist in Widosari Village including Wayang Kulit, Jathilan Dance or Kuda Lumping, and various types of dances typical of the local community, such as Bangilun and Lengger Tapeng. Interestingly, in this village, tourists can also learn traditional dance directly with the artists.

When visiting the Widosari Tourism Village, tourists can also enjoy the coolness of a one hectare tea plantation located in Padukuhan Tritis.Then, to walk through the tea garden, they have been facilitated with a good path on the expanse of terraces arranged neatly with the same height in each row. Then, they can visit Rajendra Farm or Lamb Village. Lamb village is an integrated sheep farm that provides livestock education activities, sheep and goat-based culinary and provides complete facilities for nature lovers who want to camp, or even outbound. Not less interesting, tourists can also enjoy the sunrise at Proman Peak. Proman Peak is a tourism attraction that shows natural scenery at sunrise with a large range of mountains such as Sindoro, Sumbing, Merapi, and Merbabu mountains.

Traveling to the tourism village of Widosari, please don't forget to visit the Widosari Peak. It is the highest point of a hill namely Widosari Hill which is a cluster of Menoreh Hills. The hill offers wonderful natural scenery with a large rock icon on the hill and is a famous tourism attraction. The Widosari Peak site in Widosari Village has been designated as a geo-heritage of 20 geological sites in Yogyakarta by the central government since 2021.

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