President Joko Widodo revealed that he plans to introduce members of the cabinet ministers who will accompany him during the 2019-2024 leadership period. This was conveyed by Jokowi shortly before leaving for the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR RI) building to attend his inauguration as President and KH Maruf Amin as Vice President 2019-2024. Jokowi said that at this time, he had completed the composition of the cabinet of ministers, but all the names of the new cabinet ministers would only be introduced to the public tomorrow.


"I have already completed it. Later, tomorrow morning. I'll introduce you tomorrow morning. I introduce you tomorrow morning. Later in the afternoon Pak Kiai Maruf Amin has to go to Japan to attend the coronation of the Japanese emperor," said Joko Widodo.


Jokowi further said that for ministerial seats of political parties there would likely be a total of 16 seats. He also ensured that the new cabinet for the period 2019-2024 would still be filled with several old faces which would be added with more new faces. (VOI/NDY/AHM)


President of South Korea Moon Jae-in is assured of Indonesia's dynamic growth under the leadership of President Joko Widodo, who is inaugurated for his second term in office in Jakarta on Sunday.

President Moon congratulated Jokowi in his official Twitter and Facebook account on Sunday.

"Under Jokowi's leadership which involves all elements of the public, Indonesia will enjoy even more dynamic growth," he said.

In his message, Moon said that the friendship and mutual trust shown by Jokowi have pushed both Indonesia and South Korea to materialize the Special Strategic Partnership.

Indonesia is the only country in South East Asia that has established such relationship with South Korea.

"I hope Indonesia and Korea will continue the effort to materialize welfare for both countries, by combining the visions 'Indonesia Maju' (Advanced Indonesia) and New Southern Policy, as we have carried out thus far," he said.

Although he could not attend President Jokowi and Vice President Ma'ruf Amin's swearing-in ceremony by himself, Moon sent his Chief of the Presidential Staff Noh Young-min to Jakarta to attend the event that will be held at the parliament building on Sunday.

In Jokowi's second term in office, he hoped that the people-to-people exchange between the two countries could be intensified.

"I am looking forward to meeting President Joko Widodo to once again congratulate him," he said. (ANTARA)


Vietnamese Vice President, Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh is scheduled to attend the inauguration of the elected Indonesian President and Vice President, Joko Widodo and Ma'ruf Amin at the House of Representatives (DPR) Building, Sunday, October 20, 2019. This was said by the Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam, Ibnu Hadi, in a gathering with the media in Jakarta, Friday (10/18/2019), said Ibnu Hadi.

"Regarding the inauguration of the President, the Vice-President of Vietnam will be present as representative, the ASEAN Head of State, so that I, as the Ambassador has a task to giving attention and providing assistance."


In addition to the Vice President of Vietnam, a number of world leaders are scheduled to attend the inauguration of the elected Indonesian President and Vice President Joko Widodo and Ma'ruf Amin, including Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and Vice President Chinese Wang Qishan. (VOI / AHM)


US Ambassador to Indonesia, Joseph Donovan andGeneral Chairman of Muhammadiyah, the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia, Haedar Nashir met at Muhammadiyah Central Office in Jakarta Tuesday (15/10). Both of them discussed several national and international issues such as human rights violations that are happening in the Xinjiang Uighur, China. On the occasion, Ambassador Joseph Donovan called on Muhammadiyah to keep speaking out concerns to fight human rights violations in the Uighur minority in Xinjiang, China.

“We also disscuss a number of international issues and I encourage Muhammadiyah to continue to speak out against the repression of the Uighur minority in China. And we agree to meet again and to work together on all decision,” said Joseph Donovan.

Ambassador Joseph Donovan expressed his gratitude and pride for being able to visit Muhammadiyah because Muhammadiyah can provide a good and strong example of respect for religious freedom and diversity. (VOI / BAYU / AHM)