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Tour de Indonesia 2018 has entered the 3rd stage, starting from Probolinggo city to Banyuwangi city, East Java. It is 200 kilometers, the longest stage in the Tour de Indonesia. Physical, strategy, weather, and distance is a cahllenge for the bikers during the event of Tour de Indonesia 2018. Indonesian bikers Projo Waseso of the Indonesian national team for second time got the 2nd place who previously in the first stage of Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta - Ngawi, East Java. The Greek biker Charalampos Kastrantas, who joined with the Serbian Partizan bike team, managed to control the runway in the last 300 meters before the finish defeated Projo Waseso. While in the third place of the third stage occupied by Indonesian rider Muhammad Imam Arifin from the KFC bicycle team. Therefore, in the third stage, Indonesia brought its 2 bikers on the podium. At the press conference after the delivery of prizes in Banyuwangi, Saturday (27/1), Projo Waseso admitted that he lost the technique with Charalampos at 300 meters before the finish.

"Actually my strategy only survive and support to my team especially on the climb, and I was in the front group ... finally with the speed maintenance, can pursue the group. in the last 500 meters, I was in the top 10 positions. They added speed at 300 meters, but I know the road, I immediately added the speed at 200 meters. However, I lost the technique than him. " Projo Waseso said

The last is the 4th stage, with 170 kilometers starting from Gilimanuk - Denpasar Bali was the deciding stage for many categories besides the achievement of the finish. The categories are among others, category of individual general champion based on time, the team winner, and the best biker champion(yb/trs.alika)


Starting the second day of the state visit to Bangladesh on Sunday, January 28, 2018, President Joko Widodo and First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo visited the National Martyrs' Memorial in Savar, Bangladesh. This monument is a place of memory of Bangladesh freedom fighters.

President Jokowi and Mrs. Iriana arrived at the monument at 08.30 local time or 09.30 West Indonesia Time and were greeted by officials from Bangladesh's Ministry of Defense.

President Jokowi and Mrs. Iriana walked to the place where the wreath were laying. President Jokowi accompanied by honor troops laid a wreath, then silence for one minute.

After laying the wreath, President Jokowi and Mrs. Iriana filled in the guest book. The activities at the National Martryrs Memorial ended with the planting of Tanjung trees.

"Bismillahirrahmanirrahim," said President Jokowi when planting the trees and watering them.

From the National Martyrs' Memorial, President Jokowi and Mrs. Iriana continue their journey to the Bangabhandu Memorial Museum. (Protocol, Press and Media of Presidential Secretariat)


wwfKhairul Saleh, an animal ecologist from WWF Indonesia, told RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia on Friday in Jakarta that the protection of orangutan population in Indonesia should be done optimally given the high vulnerability to extinction. He mentioned the steps include the prevention of criminal acts of illegal hunting of orangutans. In addition, he said, efforts to integrate  orangutan habitat in Indonesia is also needed to connect the existing orangutan population. The effort is aimed not only as a preventive measure but also a conservation effort for orangutan habitat in Indonesia.

“We are connecting fragmented orangutan habitats for various reasons. so that the population can be connected, and can be sustainable preserved in the long run. The protection of the habitats must also be legally accommodated, for example in a spatial planning, especially for areas outside protected areas," Khairul Saleh said. 

Furthermore Khairul Saleh said, forest conservation also endangers the existence of orangutan habitat in Indonesia. The efforts, according to him, must be initiated with measures step that can still protect orangutan habitat. In addition, Khairul Saleh also encourages law enforcement efforts from the police officers against illegal orangutan poaching that threatens the preservation of the habitat. Recently, Indonesia is shocked by the finding of orangutans bodies in Kalimantan. Police confirmed it would pursue the perpetrators of the orangutans murder, including a company which is later proven to provide funds  for such a foul action. (Ndy/Alika)

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is pushing for the importance of a strategic environmental assessment step in protecting the Rainforest as a world cultural heritage. Director of UNESCO Jakarta Syahbaz Khan told RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia, Friday in Jakarta, the environmental assessment step is needed to understand the environmental ecology as well as find alternative steps in the effort to maintain its sustainability.
"That's why we have to do what we call the strategic environmental assessment which is precisely about the same topic, where it is very sensitive not to build the road and where should be possible to find alternate. And how can we have the plantation but at the same time we conserve the outstanding universal value. So there is a lot of work which has gone in to understand the ecology, to understand the social economic aspect, and how to find the alternatives with the least impact," Shahbaz Khan said. 
Previously it was reported, UNESCO released a list of Endangered World Heritage Sites. There are 21 new locations that add the total to 54 locations from around the world that deserve attention. One of the locations on the list is Rainforest in Sumatra which according to UNESCO is threatened with extinction due to human activities.
Rainforest in Sumatra has an area of ​​approximately 2.5 million hectares divided into three National Parks, namely Gunung Leuser National Park, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park and Kerinci Seblat National Park. The Sumatra Rainforest has a high biodiversity as it has population of approximately 10,000 species of plants, 580 species of birds and 201 species of mammals. (VOI-ndy / edt ahm)