Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto has said that five sectors can drive the development of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

"The five sectors are food and beverage, chemical, textile, electronic, and automotive," he stated, during a discussion in Jakarta, on Monday.

Unlike the industry 3.0, which is driven by profit, industry 4.0 is driven mostly by price and cost. According to Hartarto, the industry 4.0 does not entirely depend on artificial intelligence, but it also involves thinking and emotion. He emphasized that internet technology, primarily with bandwidth or large-data traffic capacity, is the backbone of the industry 4.0.

The 3D printing technology has revolutionized the manufacture of samples or products from industry. Thus, the type of work will also change. However, industrial data is also important. Hartarto explained that other industry sectors remain important as not everything can be replaced by digitalization.

"The issue is how we create a pilot project, and the next is data security issue. The case of leaked personal data in the US with Facebook can be an example. The intellectual rights is key to the development of the industry 4.0," he explained.

Indonesia, he continued, has a large domestic market capital and many universities throughout the archipelago that can help prepare the country to enter the era of industry 4.0. In addition, Indonesia will also enjoy its demographic bonus until 2030, where the role of the workforce can be optimized.

"At that time, Indonesia must have a high rate of economic growth. This is the momentum that we cannot waste," he pointed out. (antara)