Wenny Zulianti

Wenny Zulianti


Residents of Galang Island, Batam City, Riau Islands Province, have asked the government to guarantee their health and safety if a special infectious disease hospital is to be built on the former refugee camp island.

"We ask the government to guarantee public health and safety," Suherman, Chairperson of the Rempang Galang Association, said on the sidelines of a free medical service activity, organized by the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) and the Indonesian Police (Polri), here on Sunday.

Suherman, who earlier objected the plan to build the hospital on Galang, later agreed with the plan but he hoped that the existence of a special infectious disease hospital will later have a positive impact on the local people.

The establishment of a hospital is believed to be able to improve the economy of the Galang community, he hoped.

He also hoped that public health services will be improved.

He urged that the construction and operation of the hospital to involve local people, in accordance with their skills and capabilities.

"In accordance with the capability and skills of local people. They could be nurses, doctors, security officers. It must involve the locals," he said.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Suleman, chairman of NGO, LPM Sijantung, was optimistic that the presence of a special hospital would help progress on Galang Island.

Public welfare will increase with the construction of health facilities on Galang Island.

"As society, we always support the government programs," he said.


The Indonesian government is in the process of setting up a task force to track the chain of each coronavirus case in the country, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy stated. "We will set up a kind of task force particularly to track each case as far as we can. By doing so, we can know the chain and spread of coronavirus," he said on the Presidential Palace compound in Jakarta Wednesday.

The government has been pro-active in conducting early detection of coronavirus, he said.

Every day the government updates information related to the result of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) from all over Indonesia, he said.

To date, the country has 137 hospitals to which suspected coronavirus patients are being referred, he said.

"Several private hospitals have also offered (to become referral hospitals). We continue to make improvements following the two confirmed cases of coronavirus yesterday," he said.

The government will continue to track the chain of coronavirus cases through everybody who had had been in close contact with a victim, he said.

"We will also track several cases that emerged. For instance, we have tracked an Iranian passenger who made a transit in Bali. There are some 30 suspected coronavirus patients and all of them have tested negative for the virus," he said. 


 Indonesia has a great opportunity to become a country that can develop world digital innovation, Minister of Research and Technology Bambang Brodjonegoro said. "There are opportunities, which certainly must be more technopreneur or entrepreneur who has a base in the field of technology," Bambang Brodjonegoro said in Jakarta, Wednesday.

Because, the technopreneur will push digital technology into becoming a business, he said. Then, if there are already entrepreneurs, in the next stage they must be able to survive by using the concept of research and development.

After that, entrepreneurs must also conduct strong research and development. The research must be supported by adequate human resources to compete with other countries.

"This is the goal to be able to compete with other companies from other countries," he said.

A group of talented people in the field of information technology must be encouraged to allow Indonesia to advance in the digital sector, the minister said.

"The second focus is to encourage more entrepreneurs in the country. This second combination is needed," the minister said.

The issue of human resources becomes a big factor which until now still hampered Indonesia from becoming a big player in the field of research and innovation, according to the minister.

Therefore, Indonesia must begin to measure human resources, including the millennials, so that they can later be at the forefront to encourage research and innovation in the country.

Nevertheless, to develop human resources in the field of research is not an easy matter. The level of education and the quality of education must be followed, Bambang claimed.

Indonesia has recorded the highest growth in the digital economy among ASEAN member countries, with 90 percent of growth from 2015 to 2017, Deputy of Infrastructure of the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) Hari Santosa Sungkari earlier said.

"During the 2015 to 2017 period, the growth of Indonesia's digital economy reached almost 90 percent," Sungkari told reporters on the sidelines of the Bekraf Developer Day 2019 here Sunday.

Transactions through e-commerce platforms were mostly conducted by creative industry players and small and medium scale entrepreneurs, he said.

In 2017, e-commerce transactions in Indonesia reached US$8 million, of which US$5 million were made through online stores such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, and others.

"The interesting fact is that of the US$5 million (transactions), the sellers were small firms led by women," he added.


 The Indonesian government is considering importing raw material for the production of masks from Europe since the stock of the raw material imported from China is running low. "The raw materials for the production of masks have so far been imported from China. Since the stock is running low, we will buy raw materials from Europe," State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir said in Jakarta Wednesday.

He appealed to the public to understand that the price of masks will increase since the raw materials are being imported from Europe.

"The price of masks using raw materials from Europe will be higher. Don't think that when the stock of raw materials from China runs low and the price of masks suddenly increases, (state pharmaceutical company) Kimia Farma capitalizes on the opportunity. The raw materials for the production of masks are different from those of China," he said.

Earlier, Thohir assured that the stocks of masks and other medical supplies are secure and the public can buy them at all Kimia Farma drugstores

To secure the stocks, Kimia Farma only allows each resident to buy two masks, he said.

Meanwhile, the company currently has some 215 thousand masks in stock. It also has put an order for some 7.2 million masks, Kimia Farma Director Verdi Budidarmo said.

The country has a stock of around 50 million masks and there is no reason for the public to panic in facing the spread of the coronavirus, President Joko Widodo said earlier.