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Written by  Rahma
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Visiting Bali, especially Gianyar, will not be complete without tasting Nasi Tepeng. Nasi Tepeng or Tepeng Rice is a must-have breakfast in Gianyar, Bali although one can find it in the afternoon around Gianyar Market.

For spicy-foodies, Nasi Tepeng is appropriate for you. It spices up your tongue, of course with lots of spice and pepper. There are also vegetables, such as long bean, red bean, unripe jackfruit, eggplant, drumstick leaves, and grated coconut. Egg and shredded chicken make Nasi Tepeng more perfect for you.

Basically, the main ingredient of Nasi Tepeng is rice, but it is mushy, almost like porridge. Then, the mushy rice is added with spices. Nasi Tepeng is still served traditionally and eco-friendly, namely using a banana leaf as its plate and a yellow young coconut leaf as its spoon. 

One serving of Nasi Tepeng is less than US$1. You can easily find it at Pasar Senggol both in the morning and at night. Pasar Senggol opens in the evening from 6 p.m to 11 p.m. So, you can enjoy the hot Nasi Tepeng and the calmness of Gianyar City at night.

Not only for breakfast, Nasi Tepeng in Bali is also a must to have during Nyepi or the Day of Silence. The Hindunese of Bali eat Nasi Tepeng during the silence of Nyepi.

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