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Sega Pager

Written by  Rahma
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The main ingredients are vegetables, which are combined with peanut sauce, then it is given topping with boiled Chinese petai seeds (pethet) and fried uyah. It's called Sega Pager. The typical dish of Godong, Grobogan, Central Java, which is served in the morning, consisting of “Sega” meaning rice, while “Pager” means fence. Sega Pager means fence rice. The vegetables used in Sega Pager are leaves from plants, which are commonly used by residents for living fences or plants that grow in their yards. This is where the name Sega Pager comes from.

Vegetables commonly used for Sega Pager are young mlanding (river tamarind), kenikir (cosmos), beluntas herb plant, pohung cassava, lavender, and papaya leaves. Plus keplek (young mlanding fruit skin), which makes Sega Pager unique and delicious. Then add the Chinese petai seeds and fried uyah. Fried uyah is a salty-savory version of serundeng made from grated coconut which is seasoned and roasted.

This culinary presentation is so unique. Sega Pager Culinary is served using a pincuk (banana leaf-made plate) and a spoon in the form of a suru which is also made of banana leaves. Sega Pager can be eaten with rempeyek, crackers, or with various fried foods such as bakwan (vegetable fritters), mendoan (thinly sliced and fried tempeh), and tahu susur (stuffed tofu).

As a typical food of Godong District, Sega Pager was originally only found in three villages that were close to each other, namely Ketitang, Bugel, and Godong Village. Now this dish can be found in various corners of the city of Grobogan. Sega Pager is a breakfast menu, so Sega Pagers usually go on sale at 06.00 in the morning until noon or the merchandise runs out. About the price, no need to worry. A portion of this food is relatively cheap, around 3000 to 5000 rupiah (20 to 34 cents US dollar).


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