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Saturday, 10 December 2022 15:02

Dina Boluarte Sworn In as Peru's First Female President

Written by  Rahma
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As of last Wednesday(7/12), Dina Ercilia Boluarte Zegarra officially took office as the new President of Peru after former president Pedro Castillo was impeached hours after he tried to dissolve parliament. Dina Boluarte who previously served as vice president was sworn in as President after a dramatic day in Lima, Peru's capital. Boluarte became the first female president in the country's history.

Prior to his impeachment, former President Castillo saidthathe would replace congress with an "extraordinary emergency government" which he said was aimed at re-establishing the rule of law and democracy. According to Castillo, a new congress with constituent powers to draft a new constitution would be formed in no more than nine months. However, the congress controlled by parties opposed to Castillo held an emergency session followed by an impeachment vote that Castillo tried to prevent.The congress accused Castillo of mutiny and then arrestedhim. According to local media,Castillo was arrested while he was heading to the Mexican embassy in the capital Lima.

Peru has gone through a difficult political period, with many presidents ousted from office in recent years. Castillo, a former left-wing school teacher, was elected in June 2021 in a polarizing election in which he defeated his right-wing rival Keiko Fujimori.Recently, he has been fighting corruption charges, which he says are part of a plot to overthrow him. Castillo became the third president since 2018 to be removed under the "morally incapacitated" provision in the constitution.

Meanwhile, President Dina Boluarte stated she would rule until July 2026, when Castillo's presidency should end. In her oath,Dina Boluarte saidthatshe would faithfully assume the office of president, in accordance with Peru's Political Constitution. After taking the oath of office, Boluarte called for a political ceasefire to address the crisis gripping the country.

Hopefully,the new Peruvian government, led by a female president, will be able to overcome the political crisis that has been going on in the country since 2016.In addition,the economic crisis and rising prices caused by the war between Russia and Ukrainecan also be solved.

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