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Friday, 24 February 2023 14:40

Revitalization of vocational education and training for human resources ready to compete

Written by  Rahma
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Without mastering new skills, the workforce in Indonesia will surely be left behind. New job opportunities will be taken up by workers from other countries or replaced by machines and robots. President Joko Widodo reminded this while giving directions online at the launch of Presidential Regulation Number 68 of 2022, concerning Revitalization of Vocational Education and Training, in Jakarta on Tuesday (21/2).

President Joko Widodo also reminded that Indonesia's human resources must maximize the opportunities that arise amid the presence of a demographic bonus. Indonesia is predicted to experience the peak of the demographic bonus in 2030. At that time, the number of productive ages will be greater, reaching 64 percent of the total population projected to reach 297 million. The Head of State emphasized that the demographic bonus must be utilized to make Indonesia a developed country.


Since 2019, Joko Widodo's government has focused on improving human resources. One of them is through vocational education and training, which is certainly oriented towards competent vocational human resources, to meet market needs and be able to do entrepreneurship. This mandate is set forth in Presidential Regulation Number 68 of 2022 concerning Revitalization of Vocational Education and Training.

Based on this regulation, education and training are held in educational institutions, such as vocational schools, polytechnics, vocational education colleges, course and training institutes, and vocational training centers. Revitalization of Vocational Education and Vocational Training is carried out through comprehensive, sustainable, integrated and coordinated improvement efforts.

The regulations have been launched, the next step is to implement concrete actions. The success of vocational education and training must not only be achieved by the central government. Regional Governments, Education and Training Institutions also have a big task to create superior Indonesian human resources. Do not miss the world of business and industry which also has a big role.

No less important is of course preparing the curriculum, teaching staff and trainers who are one step ahead, have an orientation to answer the required human resource qualifications. Vocational education and training graduates must be able to meet national, regional and international competency standards, so they are ready to compete.

With the involvement of all parties, the goal of revitalizing vocational education and training to accelerate the preparation of superior human resources towards the golden Indonesia of 2045 will be realized.

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