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Friday, 03 March 2023 12:02

Ndoreng Rice

Written by  Rahma
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When traveling to Demak, Central Java you can visit many pieces of evidence of the legacy of the spread of Islam on the island of Java. In addition, Demak also has a variety of culinary delights. One of them is Nasi Ndoreng. You can enjoy it when visiting Demak. This dish comes from recipes inherited from the Bintoro Kingdom. The Bintoro Kingdom or Demak Bintoro was the first Islamic kingdom on the island of Java. In its heyday, Ndoreng rice was known as common people's food. At that time, many Demak people liked this food.

Ndoreng rice is called the food of the common people, because the food ingredients can be obtained easily from plantations. The ingredients are banana heart, sweet potato leaves, lamtoro seeds, turi flowers, young melandingan fruit, Chinese petai leaves and cassava leaves. After all, the vegetables are boiled; the dish is then doused with peanut sauce, which has been stir-fried. Next, it is sprinkled with "Uyah Goreng" or Fried Salt which is made from roasted grated coconut sprinkled with salt. These ingredients are then mixed into the rice. The way to serve it is on a banana leaf, which has been made into a cone or what the local people call it "Pincuk".

When eaten, Ndoreng rice tastes delicious and tasty. To make it even more delicious, Ndoreng rice is enjoyed with other complimentary side dishes, such as wet tempe fried sambal, salted or hot fish peanut brittle, fried mendoan, and vegetable bakwan. Sega ndoreng is still commonly found in villages in Demak City. The sellers are mostly elderly women who continue the business of their parents. The price itself is quite cheap; it’s from Rp2500 to Rp3000 (0.16 to 0.23 cents USD)/pincuk.

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