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Friday, 03 March 2023 12:51

Waiting for China's peace proposal concrete steps

Written by  Rahma
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China has made a 12-point proposal to end the on-going Russo-Ukrainian war. The peace proposal plan released by China last week callsfor continuing peace talks and respecting the sovereignty of all countries as well as condemning the unilateral sanctions imposed on Russia.

China's peace proposal received various responses from several world leaders. There are those who respond positively by supporting it, and some are pessimistic.

One of the country's leaders who supportsChina's peace proposal is Hungarian Prime Minister,Viktor Orban. Before the Hungarian parliament,PMOrban said that China's peace planis important and needsto be supported. In his half-hour speech,PMOrban emphasized that the on-going conflict is not only bad for Ukraine, Russia, Hungary and Europe, butalsobad for the whole world.

BesidesPMViktor Orban, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko also supports China's peace proposal plan. During a meeting withPresidentXi Jinping in Beijing on Wednesday (1/3), PresidentLukashenko urged a ceasefire and negotiations to bring about a political settlement to the Ukraine conflict.

Unlike Hungary and Belarus,Western countries and the United States responded with pessimism and scepticism to China's peace proposal plan. NATO Secretary,Jens Stoltenberg saidthatBeijing did not have much credibility as a mediator.

U.S.Secretary State,Antony Blinken, Wednesday (1/3) as quoted by voaindonesia (01/03) expressed doubts about the seriousness of Russia and China in achieving peace in Ukraine. He saidthat bothcountries had yet to take substantive steps to support their statements.

The peace proposal from China is actually interesting and could be one of the solutions to end this protracted war. There is nothing wrongbybeing responded positively and optimistically. This proposal could be a very good starttoend the Russo-Ukrainian war.

It is hoped that China is serious about its proposal and follows up on this "good start" by implementing concrete steps. Only then,the worldwillbelieve in China's efforts to defuse the current flames of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

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