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Friday, 22 December 2023 15:08

Saudi Asks the World to Cease Military Operations in Gaza

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The nameplate of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Jakarta. (Photo: Special), Jakarta: Saudi Arabia calls on the international community to assume responsibility for immediately stopping Israel's military operations in the Gaza Strip, rejecting collective punishment methods targeting civilians in the Gaza Strip, Palestine and attempting to evict its residents forcibly.

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia calls for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the influx of urgent humanitarian aid," wrote the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Jakarta in a statement received on Friday (22/12/2023).


Furthermore, Saudi Arabia views Israel's military operations in Gaza as a dangerous development and escalation that cannot be justified under the pretext of self-defense.


"The stance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is unequivocal regarding its refusal to target civilians in any way or that could disrupt vital infrastructure and interests that touch their daily lives," wrote the embassy.


Saudi will continue its role with all "influential, effective, and relevant" parties to reduce escalation in a way that can prevent the deterioration of the humanitarian conditions of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Based on the humanitarian role pioneered by Saudi Arabia, the kingdom country has organized the operation of air and sea bridges to distribute aid to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and launched a campaign to collect aid from the community amounting to more than 500 million Saudi riyals (SR) as humanitarian support and assistance.


"Since the beginning of the crisis, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made every effort to overcome the crisis occurring in the Gaza Strip and address the critical humanitarian situation there," wrote the Embassy.


Saudi Arabia has also been able to unite the positions of Arab and Islamic countries in facing this crisis by holding an Extraordinary Joint Arab and Islamic Summit to support the Palestinian people in facing Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip and opening the siege.


Saudi also chairs the Committee of Ministers assigned by the Summit to undertake visits to the Permanent Member States of the Security Council, to convey the position of Arab and Islamic countries regarding this crisis, and call on the international community to assume its responsibilities and strengthen various efforts to stop Israeli aggression. (Andy Romdoni)

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