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2024 Taiwanese Election

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Supporters hold signs saying 'Taiwan needs you, give our children a bright future' at an election campaign rally of Taiwan People's Party (TPP) in Keelung on Wednesday (10/01/2024). (Photo: AFP/I-Hwa Cheng)


Tomorrow, January 13, 2024, Taiwan will elect a new president. The candidates competing are Lai Ching-te from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Hou You-yi from the Kuomintang Party (KMT), and Ko Wen-je from the Taiwan People's Party (TPP).

Tens of thousands of people gathered for a mass "Super Sunday" rally held by the three presidential candidates on the final weekend before the January 13 election. In these campaign activities, the presidential candidates, as quoted from VOA on Wednesday (10/01), offered visions and plans for different approaches to addressing Taiwan's relations with China in the future.

Lai Ching-te, vice president of Taiwan from the currently most favored Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), called this election a choice "between democracy and autocracy", and asked all people to "defend democracy together". Lai Ching-te said he would maintain the status quo, namely continuing to push for Taiwanese independence. He remains open to China under the prerequisites of equality and dignity.

Meanwhile, opposition presidential candidate Hou Yu-yi from the Kuomintang Party (KMT) wants dialogue with China to reduce tensions between the two countries. Hou argued that improving economic ties and opening dialogue with China is the best way to maintain peace. Even so, he rejected the idea of Taiwan's independence with a "one country, two systems" model like Hong Kong, suggested by the Chinese Communist Party. It is said that his stance has left some voters unsure about his stance on the China issue.

Meanwhile, Ko Wen-je, presidential candidate from the Taiwan People's Party (TPP), said his party offered a "middle way" between the DPP and the KMT on the China issue.

The vision and plans for approaching Taiwan's relations with China are of concern to presidential candidates from the three parties, showing that the role of Taiwan's relations with China is very important in determining the final results of the 2024 election.

If relations with China have a significant influence on Taiwan's election tomorrow, presidential candidates from the DPP or KMT will gain a significant electoral advantage.

However, in this time's election in Taiwan, it is not impossible that there will be surprises. The emergence of Ko Wen-je and the TPP has brought a new color to Taiwan's political arena. Its presence challenges the traditional dominance of the two parties (DPP and KMT) and offers something new for those who want change. Ko Wen-je and his party also represent a wave of anti-establishment sentiment and underscore the growing desire for a more inclusive and responsive political system in Taiwan.

Whatever the outcome, the Taiwanese people certainly hope that this election will produce a leader who can take the country in a better, safer, more peaceful, and prosperous direction.

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