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If you have a culinary tour to Papua, you can enjoy not only the sago-based dish of Papeda, but also other dish called Swamening. Swamening, or Gedi Gulung, is a typical food of the Grime Valley community, Nimboran District, Jayapura Regency. This dish is usually served during local traditional ceremonies and is cooked on clay pottery.

Swamening is made from Saccharum edule sugarcane, gedi leaves or edible hibiscus, coconut, and sago. To cook it, gedi leaves are arranged alternately on a flat surface, then sago is sprinkled on top of the leaves, then coconut is added as needed. Peeled Saccharum edule sugarcane then arranged evenly, rolled up slowly, and tied with string taken from its peel. The roll is then boiled in a mixture of water and spices such as tomatoes, pepper, salt, and lemongrass until it boils. Once cooked, Swamening is usually eaten with chili sauce.

Swamening is the main course that can be eaten directly or with other proteins such as fish. Swamening is classified as a healthy food because it is rich in fiber and uses lots of vegetables. Besides that, sago is also good for digestion. Swamening also doesn't use any oil at all, so it's healthy for daily meals. In the Grime Valley, as a flavoring, people often use seawater or salt made by themselves from sago trees that are cut off the bottom.

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