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Bajo Mola Village in the Wakatobi Sea, Southeast Sulawesi

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Wakatobi, which is an underwater paradise in Southeast Sulawesi, is not only known for its amazing beauty of coral reefs. In the midst of the sparkling sea, there is a unique and interesting fishing village, called Kampung Bajo Mola.

Bajo Mola Village is a Bajo tribe village in Wakatobi which has a unique way of life. This village is on Wangi-wangi Island and its residents are known as sea nomads. The Bajo tribe's village floats on the sea, therefore the residents of the village depend on sea products for their livelihood. The residents of Bajo village have lived in this floating village since the 1600s. One of the main attractions of this village is the charming stilt houses, which are built over the water using sturdy wooden poles.

Daily life in Bajo Mola village cannot be separated from fishing and serving fresh seafood. Specialties such as grilled fish, green mussels and other seafood are an integral part of their culinary heritage. Tourists can taste delicious authentic dishes prepared with a traditional touch. Bajo Mola village's commitment to environmental conservation can be seen from their efforts to maintain the sustainability of the marine ecosystem.

Visitors can explore this village and see how the Bajo people maintain their traditions and culture. They can also interact with friendly and warm local residents. Apart from that, visitors can also witness the expertise of the Bajo people in making traditional boats, namely Pinisi boats which have extraordinary beauty and strength. The Bajo people are known as expert Pinisi boat builders. Apart from that, tourists can also learn the history and skills related to the maritime culture of the Bajo Community.

Bajo Mola Village also offers beautiful beach views. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the white sandy beach with clear, refreshing water. The calm, beautiful village atmosphere and peace that radiates from Bajo Mola village makes it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning natural charm of Wakatobi.

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