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Malamang Tradition in West Sumatra

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Minangkabau has a lot of interesting culture characterized by traditions and habits in everyday life. These various traditions contain noble values that must be maintained. One tradition that is still popular and still exists today is 'Malamang' or making lemang (glutinous rice cake). This tradition can be found in almost all areas of West Sumatra province, both in inland area such as in Solok, Payakumbuh, Agam, Tanah Datar, as well as in coastal regions such as Padang, Pariaman and Pesisir Selatan.


Lamang, which is one of the popular culinary delights when welcoming the holy Ramadhan month, is also one of the traditional culinary delights typical of the Minangkabau people, such as rendang. This Malamang tradition is usually carried out before certain celebrations like welcoming the month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, baralek (wedding party), and so on. In several areas in West Sumatra province (Minangkabau), lamang is usually also used as souvenirs from women's families to men's families, or when a daughter-in-law visits her in-laws' house.


nowadays, Lamang not only has an original taste made from sticky rice and coconut milk, but there are also several flavor variants such as yellow lamang, namely lamang made from rice flour and turmeric as the main ingredients, sweet potato lamang and banana lamang. Malamang is usually done together by local residents. Original lamang is made from puluik (white sticky rice), cooked with coconut milk and packed in a bamboo container lined with banana leaves, then cooked for approximately 6 hours, by placing it in a row and leaning against the heat of a fire.


In the Malamang tradition there are values of togetherness and mutual cooperation because during Malamang, friends especially neighbors, relatives and family members will gather to make lamang. There are some who act as cooks, and others who look after the fire so that the lamang can be cooked perfectly and there are also those whose role is to find and take bamboo blades to make containers for the lamang. Malamang has a social function as a means of gathering and strengthening friendly relations among people.

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