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Monday, 08 April 2024 16:08

Pellegrini wins election in Slovakia

Written by  Andy Romdoni
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Peter Pellegrini while still the prime minister of Slovakia in 2019. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/European Parliament)


Peter Pellegrini won the presidential election of Slovakia on Saturday (6/4), defeating opposition-backed diplomat Ivan Korcok. Ivan Korcok admitted the defeat since the almost complete election result showed he got 47 percent of the votes while Pellegrini got 53 percent.

In Bratislava, Pellegrini convinced the public that Slovakia would stay with peace, not war. Earlier, Pellegrini said whatever the election result is, Slovakia will keep being a strong member of the European Union and NATO.


Although most of the title will be ceremonial, the president of Slovakia has the power to ratify international agreements, veto the constitution ratified by the parliament, and appoint a supreme judge. The position is also the Commander of the Army. Pellegrini will be sworn in on June 15.


Prime Minister Robert Fico welcomes Pellegrini's win in the presidential election. Fico supported Pellegrini as a moderate candidate who recognizes peace values.


Pellegrini's affirmation of Slovakia's position in the Russia-Ukraine War that will prioritize peace should be something since the war broke out in February 2022. Slovakia, through Prime Minister Fico, had stopped war support for Ukraine. But, along with Czech, Slovakia opened doors for hundreds of refugees from Ukraine.


After stopping military support, Fico also implied his support for peace talks between Ukraine and Russia. Pellegrini's win as the president, along with Robert Fico as the Prime Minister, is expected to push forward the peace process between Russia and Ukraine.


Besides, Pellegrini's win is also expected to encourage bilateral cooperation with Indonesia. Until now, Indonesia and Slovakia have established tight diplomatic relations since 1993 and cooperated in various sectors. Slovakia plays an important role as an entrance for Indonesian products to the European Union. Slovakia also can press forward with the acceleration of the Indonesia-EU CEPA, which is expected to finish immediately.

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