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Bulukat Kuah Tuhe

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When you hunt for culinary delights to break the fast in Indonesia, you will find a dish called kolak in many regions in Indonesia. It is generally made from bananas, sweet potatoes, cooked with coconut milk and palm sugar. Kolak is a favorite dish for Indonesian people. Although it is found in almost every region in Indonesia, each region has different types and tastes of kolak. For example, in Aceh, you will find a variant ofkolakcalled “Bulukat Kuah Tuhe”, a typical Acehnese banana compote which is delicious. Bulukatis what Acehnese call cooked sticky rice. This dish is made from bulukat, banana pieces, jackfruit pieces, white sugar and pandan leaves mixed with coconut milk sauce. The banana used is a special type of banana, namely western klat banana, a type of plantain.

Making Bulukat Kuah Tuhe is almost the same as makingkolakin general. It's just that the sticky rice is cooked separately from the sauce. To make the sauce, coconut milk is cooked with banana pieces, jackfruit pieces, pandan leaves and sugar. The color of the sauce is pale white, because it uses granulated sugar, not palm sugar. When served, bulukatis drizzled with the sauce. When you eat it, you can immediately smell the aroma of pandan leaves. The taste is savory, sticky and sweet.


Bulukat Kuah Tuhe is available not only in the month of Ramadan, but also at the Prophet Muhammad's birthday and various kenduri (a Javanese ritual of blessing or remembrance) events in Aceh. Bulukat kuah Tuhe is never forgotten, because this food can strengthen brotherhood. It is said that this dish is believed to bring blessings and avoid wrath. For those of you who are interested in trying the Bulukat Kuah Tuhe culinary delight, you can enjoy it according to your taste. If you don't really like bulukat or sticky rice, you can just enjoy Kuah Tuhenya gravy or even added with apem. Apem is a traditional food made from rice flour and coconut milk shaped like a bowl.

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