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Friday, 12 April 2024 16:31

President Joe Biden Criticizes Israel's Approach to War in Gaza

Written by  Borgias Jaman
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The United States President, Joe Biden. (Photo: Reuters)


President of the United States, Joe Biden criticized Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu's approach to the conflict in Gaza, calling it a mistake. He also criticized Israel's handling of the conflict. According to President Joe Biden, Israel should call for a cessation of fighting to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid.

President Biden's statement was one of the harshest criticisms from the United States, Israel's close ally. Last week, in a phone call with PM Netanyahu, President Biden diplomatically called the overall humanitarian situation in Gaza “unacceptable.” He also demanded Israel implement specific and concrete steps in a bid to address civilian losses and ensure the safety of all humanitarian aid workers. President Biden then threatened to reassess "US policy with respect to Gaza" if PM Netanyahu failed to take immediate action to protect humanitarian aid workers and civilians. President Biden's threat came following an Israeli airstrike that killed seven staff of the World Central Kitchen aid group.


So far, all international criticism and pressure have never been heeded by Israel. However, this is not the case when it comes from its closest ally, the United States. At the moments after the telephone conversation with President Joe Biden, PM Netanyahu took several steps to try to answer at least some of President Biden's demands. He hastily convened a Cabinet meeting to approve the opening of three aid routes to Gaza.


Apart from conveying harsh criticism of Israel, the United States has also reduced its diplomatic support for Israel by abstaining from the ceasefire resolution at the UN Security Council last month, thereby allowing the resolution to pass.


It is hoped that this kind of harsh criticism from the US government will continue to be carried out to encourage changes in Israel's approach to the conflict in Gaza. The United States should take more serious steps in that direction. One way is by reducing or placing stricter conditions on US arms sales to Israel. In addition, the US could also take steps to limit military assistance. If the US dares to take this serious step, Israel may immediately change its approach to the conflict in Gaza.

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