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Monday, 22 April 2024 17:16

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East, the Antithesis of the Spirit for Peace and Anti-Genocide

Written by  Andy Romdoni
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The United Nations headquarters in New York, United States. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ad Meskens)


The United States (US) on Saturday (20/4) vetoed the United Nations Security Council Resolution Draft, which demands full membership of Palestine in the UN.

Despite getting 12 votes and 2 abstains, the veto destroyed the dream of Palestine to fully join the UN.


On the same day, the United States Congress, the US parliament, ratified the draft bill on war funds for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Specifically, the US Parliament agreed to some US$26 billion to be handed over to Israel. This will only result in more dead Palestinians, thanks to Israel's attack.


As of Sunday, Palestinian Health Ministry announced that the casualties from Israel's assault in Palestine were 34,000 people.


Until now, the US was known as the world's biggest democracy. Yet this title was so different from the nation's foreign policy in the Middle East by giving war support for Israel and rejecting Palestine's full membership in the UN.


US Deputy Permanent Representative, Robert Wood said the US will keep supporting the two-state solution for the Palestine and Israel issue. But somehow, the US still vetoed Palestine's full membership in the UN. Russian Ambassador for the UN, Vassily Nebenzia said this was the fifth time the US vetoed a UN Security Council resolution since conflict broke out in Gaza. In the meantime, most parts of the planet supported Palestine's plea to join the UN.


Such an obscure attitude of the UN in doing democracy is totally disappointing. It is not only bringing into the daylight a great betrayal against peace efforts in the Middle East but also convincing the world that the US is vividly supporting genocide by Israel.

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