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Community Aspiration Network, National Library Holds FGD Strategic Plan 2025-2029

Published in Indonesia Today

Secretary of the National Library, Joko Santoso giving his opening remark on the National Library a Forum Group Discussion (FGD) in Bali on Monday (29/04/24); (Photo : Perpusnas) -



VOInews, Badung, Bali : In order to prepare the initial draft of the 2025-2029 Strategic Plan (Renstra), the National Library held a Forum Group Discussion (FGD) or Focused Group Discussion (DKT) for the Bali, Nusa Tenggara and Kalimantan regions, Monday (29/4) at The Patra Bali.This activity aims to capture community aspirations to get the best ideas for library development in the next five years.

The Principal Secretary of the National Library, Joko Santoso, said that in preparing the initial draft of the 2025-2029 Strategic Plan, it was necessary to build collaborative activity program planning in realizing sustainable cross-central and regional library development.

"This activity is the right place to build collaboration in planning activity programs to realize sustainable library development. "Active participation from discussion participants is highly expected in this meeting by providing constructive input for better development planning in the library sector," he hoped when opening the event.

Apart from capturing aspirations and building collaboration between stakeholders, this FGD also aims to identify problems and strategic issues related to library development as well as equalizing perceptions regarding the current condition and expectations regarding future library development.

In the welcoming session, the Head of the Denpasar City Library and Archives Service, Dewa Nyoman Sudarsana, appreciated the National Library for making Bali one of the locations for holding the FGD for the Preparation of the National Library Strategic Plan.

"It is an honor for us for the Bali Province to be able to host this activity. "Let's use this opportunity to contribute input and constructive thoughts for better future development planning in the library sector," he invited the FGD participants.

Meanwhile, as resource persons for the FGD were Joko Santoso and Didik Darmanto, Director of Religion, Education and Culture, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas guided by moderator Kusmeri, Chair of the Planning, Program and Budget Working Group and acting as discussant Edi Wiyono, Library Strategic Management Officer Team National.

Didik Darmanto explained the direction and policies in the field of literacy and libraries. One of them highlights various measurement results on the literacy of Indonesian society, for example the results of PISA measurements and the Cultural Advancement Index.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Wednesday (01/05/24), the PISA achievement trend began to show improvement in 2015, but in 2022 there will be a decline in achievement in all areas tested. PISA is an assessment conducted by the OECD to measure the reading, mathematics and science literacy skills of 15 year old students which is held every 3 years.

"In 2022, reading literacy skills will experience a very significant decline, reaching 12 points and becoming the lowest achievement in the previous 19 years. Based on this data, strategic steps are needed from the National Library in an effort to encourage improvements in PISA scores in the future. "Of course, with alignment with the Policy Direction and Cultural Development Strategy 2025-2045," he added.

In the discussion session, Joko Santoso reinforced that the preparation of the initial draft of the National Library Strategic Plan for 2025-2029 refers to the direction of policy and development strategies in the library sector, namely increasing literacy culture, creativity and innovation and refers to the direction of National Library policy, namely: Strengthening reading culture and literacy, mainstreaming archipelago ancient manuscripts, standardization and library development, as well as support for strengthening institutional partnerships and synchronizing integrated service information systems.

It is hoped that the three main issues that are the direction of the National Library's policy will be able to provide a focus for both central and regional governments as well as other library institutions in preparing their programs and activities in order to overcome various literacy issues.

In the discussion session, Edi Wiyono highlighted several inputs and criticisms from the participants. Some of the participants' thoughts were used as recommendations to be considered as part of the National Library Strategic Plan.

Among others 1). implement a mandatory book reading program according to educational level. This is considered important for knowledge, education and strengthening one's literacy, 2). optimizing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool in the context of strengthening reading and literacy culture in bringing innovation and positive change, 3). consider involving the private sector in the form of CSR to support the strengthening of reading and literacy culture, both CSR in the form of physical development, procurement of reading materials/books and support for other literacy activities.

FGD activities were carried out using a hybrid method, offline at The Patra Bali and online via the zoom meeting platform. There were 125 offline participants consisting of representatives of the Bali Provincial/Regency/City Library Service, Bali Provincial/Regency/City Education Service, Representatives of School Principals/Heads of School Libraries at Elementary, Middle School and High School Levels in Denpasar City and Badung Regency, Representatives Head/Manager of Village/Subdistrict Libraries in Denpasar City and Badung Regency, Representative Head of Libraries/Chair of Public and Private University Library Study Programs in Denpasar City and Badung Regency, Writers' Community and Literacy Activists in Denpasar City and Badung Regency.

In terms of the location of implementation, the FGD held in Bali was the third location. For the same purpose, previously the National Library had held events in Padang, West Sumatra (Sumatra Region) and Jakarta (Java Region). Next, efforts to gather community input will be carried out in Manado, North Sulawesi (Sulwesi, Maluku and Papua Region)//VOI