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The price of crude palm oil in Jambi province for the June 18-24, 2021 period fell by Rp1,281 per kilogram from Rp10,262 per kilogram to Rp8,983 per kilogram, according to the CPO pricing team.

The price of fresh fruit bunch also dropped Rp214 per kilogram from Rp1,873 per kilogram to Rp1,659, while the price of palm kernel declined by Rp204 per kilogram from Rp6,537 per kilogram to Rp6,333 per kilogram, spokesman for the Jambi provincial fresh fruit buch pricing team Putri Rainun, said in a written statement released on Sunday.

The prices of fresh fruit bunch are pegged at Rp1,659 per kilogram for three-year old planting, Rp1,767 per kilogram for four-year old planting, Rp1,849 per kilogram for five-year old planting, Rp1,926 per kilogram for six-year old planting and Rp1,975 per kilogram for seven-year old planting.

Meanwhile, the prices of fresh fruit bunch are set at Rp2,017 per kilogram for eight-year old planting, Rp2,057 per kilogram for nine-year old planting, Rp2,120 per kilogram for 10-to-20-year old planting, Rp2,055 per kilogram for 21-to24-year old planting and Rp1,960 per kilogram for more than 25 year-old planting.

The prices of CPO, fresh fruit bunch and palm kernel are set based on an agreement between the pricing team, CPO producers, cooperatives and oil palm growers, regulations of the agriculture minister and the governor. (Antaranews)




The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has assessed that investors in films produced by the Indonesian filmmakers have become increasingly more varied and can encourage the growth and recovery of Indonesian films in a better direction.

“Currently, many investors are starting to pool funds, which can reflect the growing variety of investors and that more and more people want to use Indonesian films as a way to invest. We are certainly heartened because that means we can carry Indonesian films in a better direction," the ministry's Deputy for Industry and Investment, Fadjar Hutomo, said in a discussion on the development of Indonesian films here on Sunday.

Hutomo said that the variety of investors came from both the private sector as well as government institutions.

As an example, he mentioned the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) that has invested in Indonesian filmmakers in order to help them convey anti-corruption messages to the public.

Additionally, he also mentioned that in 2019, the Indonesian Police Force held a film festival for police-themed films which not only showed promising Indonesian films to be investment products but also had other benefits such as exploring the potential of police officers who were interested in cinematic works.

Currently, keen investors tend to be centralized in Java, but it is hoped that investors can also start looking at the potential in other regions in Indonesia.

“It is hoped that [investment in films] can continue to grow, including in  other areas aside from Jakarta. Because the potential of Indonesian films in the regions needs to be highlighted. Therefore, our task is to encourage an even film ecosystem up to  the regions," he added.

The collaboration between the Government and filmmakers in Indonesia is also expected to encourage new investors to be more interested in funding projects that highlight creativity. (Antaranews)




The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries has said that  lobster seeds or puerulus are officially prohibited for export, and those caught in the wild is only allowed for domestic cultivation.

"Catching clear lobster seeds (puerulus), or unpigmented lobster, can only be conducted for cultivation in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia," the ministry's  Secretary General, Antam Novambar, here on Sunday.

He said the capture of the clear lobster puerulus, locally known as benur, needed to take into account the estimation of fish resource potential, the amount of catch allowed, and the number of fish that could be exploited according to the provisions of the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, based on recommendations from the National Commission for the Assessment of Fish Resources.

In addition, it must also be based on the quota and location for catching the puerulus set by the minister based on recommendations from the commission.

Furthermore, the capture of puerulus can only be carried out by small fishermen who are registered in the fishing group at the designated fishing locations.

Small fishermen who have not been registered with the Online Single Submission (OSS) Institute can catch the  lobster seeds as long as the catch is in accordance with the regulations.

"Small fishermen who catch clear lobster seeds are required to report their catch to the local service for further reporting to the director general who handles capture fisheries technically," he said.

Previously, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries stated that catching  lobster seeds in Indonesian waters could only be carried out by registered small fishermen.

"Capture of clear lobster seeds can only be carried out by small fishermen who are registered in the fishing group at the fishing locations and have been determined by the provincial services," said Acting Director General of Capture Fisheries at the ministry, Muhammad Zaini.

Zaini also revealed that small fishermen who will catch clear lobster seeds must apply for registration to the Online Single Submission (OSS) Institute, either directly or facilitated by the relevant agency.

In addition, catching lobster seeds must also use environmentally friendly fishing gear.

"Catching clear lobster seeds must use environmentally friendly fishing gear in accordance with regulations," he noted.

The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries  has officially banned the export of obster seeds, in line with the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries' Regulation Number 17 of 2021 concerning Management of Lobster (Panulirus spp.), Crab (Scylla spp.), and Blue Crab (Portunus spp.) in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

"This ministerial regulation is a manifestation of my promise after being sworn in as the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in December 2020. At that time, I had said the clear lobster seeds as one of Indonesia's marine wealth which should only be cultivated in the territory of Indonesia. Meanwhile, cultivation is also must be carried out in the same province as the location of the capture," Minister Trenggono remarked.

Through the new regulation, Trenggono hoped all stakeholders involved in cultivating lobster puerulus to be more prosperous and could manage marine wealth based on blue economy. (Antaranews)




The Jakarta provincial administration and Jakarta Experience Board are organizing Jakpreneur Fest 2021 until late June 2021 to encourage micro small and medium entrepreneurs (MSMEs) to develop.

"We pin hope on MSMEs to revive the stagnant economy due to the pandemic. Therefore, we need support from the government, regional government-owned companies and private parties to increase the capability of MSMEs in a bid to boost the local and national economies," acting chief of the Jakarta Provincial Office of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and Small and Medium Scale Bsinesses Andri Yansyah said in a press statement quoted on Sunday.

A series of activities of Jakpreneur Fest 2021 kicked off in May. Business competition program was held from May 24 to June 17. Through the program, MSMEs were challenged to make innovations and creativity in accordance with their business models.

The winner of the business competition program will receive a prize of Rp90 million in cash to be announced at the Appreciation Night on June 27.

Jakpreneur Fest 2021 also has super class and personal class training programs featuring various mentors from industrial companies. The two classes can be accessed for free via the Jakarta Provincial Government YouTube channel www.jakpreneurfest and Shopee Live on June 20-22..

The Jakarta provincial government is also teaming up with Shopee for Jakpreneur Fest 2021 to organize Jakpreneur Market posted on the platform starting from June 21 to 30. The Jakpreneur Market display a wide range of MSMEs' products and local brands from Jakarta.

Jakarta Experience Board, President Director Novita Dewi, said the series of activities of Jakpreneur Fest 2021 were aimed at improving the business skill of MSMEs, and increase their sales.

Jakpreneur Fest 2021 is part of events held to mark the 404th anniversary of Jakarta. (Antaranews)

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