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I am on of your listener from Luxembourg and would like to wish a happy new year.

Please there is any way to listen to you by a mobile application as I didn’t find

Thanks and best regards


Phone 00352 661142xxx

Dear Sir,

 I am pleased to inform you that I have listened to your radio broadcast. The detail
of reception report is as follows. I hope this report will be of some value to you.

Station: Voice of Indonesia

Frequency: 9525 kHz

Languages: Japanese

Date Heard (UTC): October 9, 2016

Time Heard (UTC): 12:02 - 13:02

Reception Quality (SINPO): 24222 - 23222

Reception Location: Tottori, Japan

Receiver Using: ICOM IC-R75

Antenna Using: Apex Radio 303WA-2

Program Details: 

 12:02 Opening and broadcast schedule announcement.

 12:04 News.

 12:10 Station announcement.

 12:14 Station announcement.

 12:25 Station announcement.

 12:33 Station announcement.

 12:38 Various music of Indonesia.

 12:39 A ballad song by a female singer.

 12:43 A ballad song by a female singer.

 12:48 A pop song by a female singer.

 12:53 Closing announcement.

 12:54 A pop song by a female singer.

 12:58 A pop song by a female singer.

 13:00 Closing and broadcast schedule announcement.


 I am sorry that the report was delayed. The reception condition was poor, because
slight or moderate interference but poor signal strength, severe noise and fading.
And the program was 2 minutes behind schedule. Therefore it was hard for me to
listen the detail of the program. However I enjoyed a lot of Indonesian songs.

If it correspondence with your program, please send me a QSL card.

Sincerely yours,

Name: Kazuhiro Takao

Address: 6922 Hikona-cho, Yonago-city, Tottori 683-0854 JAPAN

Age: 50

Sex: Male
Dear VOI English,

Sorry for being late, and Greetings from VOI Listeners' Club of Bangladesh (VOILCB).

It was really worried for me and all of the members of VOILCB while found the
following massage on your web  First we thought it was hacked...

But Thanks to google, that helps me to recover you on your new domain VOINEWS.ID.

Thanks for this more interactive and attractive website.

All the best from

Md Ashik Eqbal

on behalf of VOI LCB

VOI Listeners' Club of Bagladesh
Luxmipur Graeter Road
GPO Box 56, Rajshahi 6000
Cell: +880 1911 156 612
Lesion Office:
Mohammadpur,  Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello Voice of Indonesia .... team

Greetings from India.....

Happy World Radio Day 2018…

With the theme of Radio and Sports, UNESCO has come up with a face of radio which shows the spirit of competitiveness as well as co-operation, a fight as well as love, peace and harmony among players as well as nations. I think this is the most appropriate theme for the World Radio Day 2018.

2018 is a year of momentous sporting events, events that have the ability to unite the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Radio as a medium of communication will let us to celebrate the traditional sports that connect us to our cultural heritage, the grassroots sports that anchor us within our communities, and the inspiring stories that challenge gender stereotypes and provide positive role models for young people around theworld.

The Theme is worthy and positive because it build and unite communitiesinspire participation and inclusion and fosters goodwill and inspires humanity.

I am hopeful you as a Radio station with International vision will highlight the importance of radio as a medium through the lens of this year’s World Radio Day theme – Radio and Sports! Because Radio is still the most accessible, reactive and engaging medium there is, informing and transforming us, through news, entertainment and audience participation.

Radio also has abilities or skills that other media cannot match. The connection formed between the broadcaster and the audience beyond any comparison. I had experienced many a times when ever listener’s letter are read out in any radio program, the broadcaster can recognise the listeners with their names. This kind of personal –touch radio has which is not present in any other media –be it TV or Internet.

Radio enable us to listen to it any time anywhere - at home, at work, as they exercise, or as they drive in their cars. Other Medias like TV and Internet requires special attention and time to use. It is due to the fact that radio relies only on one sense called –“hearing”. Whereas other Medias require both ear and eyes.

Moreover radio increases the imaginative power of listeners because the listeners create an image in mind whatever is said over the radio. This stimulation helps us to increase our mental ability. Whereas researches over the years has shown that TV and Internet has made us dumber.

What makes Radio more popular is its ability to reach masses across the globe and all the news, views, information and knowledge without any significant cost. This is the reason why international broadcasters use Radio and particularly shortwave radio to broadcast in the most troubled regions of the world like Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Darfur, North Korea. These are the regions which supress the human rights and freedom of speech. So the dissemination of correct information and news Radio plays a wonderful job.

It is sad that gradually the major international broadcasters has shut down its various language services and shrining their presence over the shortwave spectrum. Some others has fully left the shortwave radio. I am hopeful that you will continue with us and carry on your strong presence in the radio waves.

Long Live Radio!!!! Long Live Shortwave!!!!

I am looking for special broadcasts and programs from you in the coming days on the occasion of The World Radio Day 2018.

I hope you will appreciate my take on World radio day, its theme this year and my views about radio in general.

Here is my address:

Mahesh Jain

Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya





I require some radio material from you like Program schedule, some stamps, calendar, stickers and any other promotional stuff will be a great incentive and appreciation.